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    Default *Trading Shop*

    I have many events, and shinies please take a look and see if you are interested! Pm-ing is okay however posting is prefered.


    Any Shiny Starter
    Any Event I do not have listed below.

    Adamant Lvl 100 Gamestop Deoxys
    Rash lvl 76 Space Center Deoxys
    Jolly UT lvl 30Notched Eared *Pichu
    Naive UT lvl 20 Nintendo Power Pikachu
    Gentle lvl 75 10 Anniversary Umbreon
    Serious lvl 70 10 Anniversary *Espeon
    Hardy lvl 70 10 Anniversary Entei
    Timid lvl 70 10 Anniversary *Suicune
    Mild lvl 70 10 Anniversary *Dragonite
    Hardy lvl 100 10 Anniversary Celebi
    Rash lvl 70 10 Anniversary *Bulbasaur
    Hasty lvl 100 TRU Regigigas
    Mild lvl 50 TRU Dragonite
    Mild lvl 50 TRU Shaymin
    Serious lvl 100 MATTLE Ho-Oh
    Quiet lvl 100 Pokemon XD Lugia
    Lonely lvl 50 TY Latios
    Modest lvl 100 PALCITY Loucario
    Modest lvl 33 Wishmaker Jirachi
    Relaxed lvl 5 NZ Jirachi
    Timid lvl 50 ALAMOS Darkrai
    Quirky lvl 50 Japanese Movie Darkrai
    Mild lvl 100 Japanese Movie Arceus
    Docile lvl 10 Mystery Mew
    Sassy lvl 50 Hayley Mew
    Bashful lvl 50 Korean Mew
    Impish lvl 50 Japanese Mew

    Adamant lvl 36 Typhlosion
    Hasty lvl 6 Larvitar
    Gentle lvl 60 Altaria
    Adamant lvl 15 Shinx
    Gentle lvl 1 Eevee
    Lax lvl 1 Duskull
    Gentle lvl 25 Absol
    Bashful lvl 50 Mightyena
    Calm lvl 35 Machamp
    Naive lvl 33 Ninetales
    Serious lvl 53 Weavile
    Sassy lvl 49 Crobat
    Docile lvl 1 Chansey
    Naughty lvl 20 Aerodactyl
    Brave lvl 50 Latios
    Quiet lvl 40 Milotic
    Hasty lvl 76 Ditto
    Brave lvl 1 Magikarp
    Naughty lvl 54 Flygon
    Serious lvl 100 Mewtwo
    Adamant lvl 100 Celebi
    Docile lvl 50 Metagross
    Impish lvl 5 Taillow
    Modest lvl 52 Pinsir
    Lax lvl 40 Manectric
    Adamant lvl 100 Latias
    Adamant lvl 100 Tyranitar
    Full box of shines and one of events, PM if interested!

    Black F.C.= 2623-2533-5894

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    Default I got tynqmo and dW

    I got tynqmo and RW poliwag and I'll give u a lugia for urALAMSO DARKRWI

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    Interested in your Lonely lvl 50 TY Latios. Check my trade shop (link in sig) for what I can offer you c:.
    By the way, congrats on your shop!

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    Interested in your Quirky lvl 50 Japanese Movie Darkrai and Mild lvl 100 Japanese Movie Arceus, are they both UT? Check my shop for offers! And congrats on the shop!
    FC 4470 4847 7328


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