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Thread: ★ Battle Trozei Sprites Project

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    Lightbulb ★ Battle Trozei Sprites Project

    So I want to start this project of the Battle Trozei Sprites, since they look cool and kind of cute.

    Me being me I like to collect artworks and sprites and I like them if they're in big resolutions, and with this games there's no sprites of them, except the ones we have here.

    The project consists in this:
    -Find all the BT sprites and collect them in any size
    -Use a vector program and remake them in the exact same way and color completely
    -Save them in .png format and with a high resolution like 1000x1000px or at least 700x700px

    I have done this before with some artworks and make them bigger so it's not a big job and would work for all of us.

    I will do some of my favorite pokemons when I have more time and show you all how it is.
    You can either help me with doing some outlines in a vector format and then send them to me so I can finish them or you can do a full one and send me the png image.

    At the end we/I will make a full archive with all the Battle Trozei and share the link here.

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    1. You need permission to start a project.
    2. If this involves sprites, it belongs in the Fan Sprites section.

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