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    29 18.35%
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Thread: Elite 4

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    Well it was pretty easy. I had alot of diferant types of pokemon and moves. Like mantiblade the leavenny to use bug type moves on them,flying type unfeasant on Marshal and what not. On Black and white 2 well that was a little harder. But since your team in that should behigh leveled it was easy. but then iris and the duel chop is annoying then again.
    But in black and white it was easy.

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    The only one that has ever given me any trouble in both bw and bw2 was marshall, if I didn't have anyone with psychic. Sometimes my flying type would get wrecked by rock slide.
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    I thought they were laughably easy compared with past gens. Krookodile, Emboar, and Haxorus crushed them. I'm not even sure if I used my Seimitoad, Simisage, or Eelektross.
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    even though at the time i thought it was kinda hard at the time, it is a cake walk compared to Ghestis. However, it did like that they brought back someone from gen 4
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    Unova's Elite Four was laughably weak.Why does Chandelure even use Payback with its pitiful Attack?Same goes for Sawk's Grass Knot.

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    It was easier than the other versions.

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