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Thread: Dream World Trading Thread

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    Looking for DWF Gible. Offering shinies in return. PM please.
    EDIT: Also looking for Imposter Ditto.

    Edit: Got the Gible.
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    Looking for DWF Breloom/Shroomish
    i've got (all these are female dreamworld) ponyta, tangla, murkrow, kangaskhan, lickitung, zubat, hoppip, hoot hoot, wooper, gligar, goldeen, slowpoke, (oh so many) magikarp, barboach, eevee, poliwag, and vulpix.

    additionally, deino with dark pulse (should be good speed/sp.att), some m/f dw murkrows with roost/brave bird (should be good speed/att), about a box and a half of magikarp (should be good att/speed)

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    Hi there, I am looking for DW , Shuckle, Belroom,Alomomola,Foongus,female please.
    I have for offer many many legit Events,( incl. the New Keldeo)
    or flawless Ditto rng by me.
    Please pn me for offer, thank you.

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    Trade is done.
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    I accept clones in most cases. I will not accept Hacks. If you RNG I will always accept them, but please let me know they're RNGed.

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    Looking for:

    • Run Away Weedle (B2W2 Hidden Hollow - as Beedrill)
    • Run Away Venonat (B2W2 Hidden Hollows)
    • Poison Touch Grimer (B2W2 Hidden Hollow - as Muk)
    • Moxie Pinsir (B2 Hidden Hollows)
    • Moxie Heracross (W2 Hidden Hollows)
    • Analytic Patrat (B2W2 Hidden Hollow - as Patrat)
    • Run Away Lillipup (B2W2 Hidden Hollow - as Herdier)
    • Rivalry Pidove (B2W2 Windswept Sky)
    • Sap Sipper Blitzle (B2W2 Hidden Hollow - as Zebstrika)
    • Simple Woobat (B2W2 Hidden Hollow)
    • Overcoat Sewaddle (B2W2 Hidden Hollow - as Leavanny)
    • Mold Breaker Basculin (B2W2 Sparkling Sea)
    • Aftermath Trubbish (B2W2 Hidden Hollow)
    • Hydration Ducklett (B2W2 Windswept Sky)
    • Motor Drive Emolga (B2W2 Hidden Hollows)
    • Analytic Elgyem (B2W2 Spooky Manor)
    • Rattled Cubchoo (B2W2 Hidden Hollow)
    • Pressure Pawniard (B2W2 Spooky Manor)
    • Soundproof Bouffalant (B2W2 Hidden Hollows)
    • Truant Durant (B2W2 Rugged Mountain)
    • White Smoke Heatmor (B2W2 Rugged Mountain)
    • Imposter Ditto (B2W2 Hidden Hollows)


    • Toxic Boost Zangoose (B2W2 Hidden Hollow)
    • Super Luck Togepi (Dream Radar)
    • Infiltrator Seviper (B2W2 Hidden Hollows)
    • Quick Feet Shroomish (B2W2 Hidden Hollow)
    • Weak Armor Vullaby (B2 In game)
    • Reckless Mienfoo (B2W2 Hidden Hollow)
    • Damp Frilish (B2W2 In game)
    • Hustle Combee (B2W2 Hidden Hollows)
    • Prankster Riolu (Dream Radar)
    • Tinted Lens Sigyliph (Dream Radar)
    • Any of the new Icy Cave DWf

    PM me.
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    Basically any interesting idea you have when speculating about new regions invariably ends with:
    - Ash showing up in a new region with Pikachu without a clue how to do anything besides battling and breathing;
    - He accidentally runs into the new new girl who will be the main companion;
    - He meets a creepy older gentleman* who will follow him around and do the things Ash apparently is either not smart enough to do, or expects that someone will it for him.

    *Averted. Now, we have a gadget maniac and his hyper-active lil' sis.
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    LF DWF Dratini pref jolly or adamant (with extreme speed if possible)

    PM or VM wants / what your looking for
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    Hey man! Im interested in the poliwag, dratini and vulpix. Female of coarse. I have event mamoswine with dreamworl abilitie... Event arceaus, lots of perfect pkmon(iv and movepool will be awsome for level.) i also have a rarecolored magnazone, legit and perfect. Got it threw egg hatching whilst creating the perfect one. Lev 50 i think and ill only trade it or all three of my request(: hope i can get a trade!
    026148430486 is my friendcode

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    Jackson, kentucky


    Do u have a female poliwag(DW) or vulpix? If so i got u covered lol

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    looking for dw growlithe
    White FC: 2065 5436 3561
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    Currently looking for
        Spoiler:- Wanted :

    Fear the Kobra spelt backwards

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    DWf Eevee
    DWf Poliwag
    Dwf Swablu
    Dwf Wailmer
    DWf Riolu
    DWf Houndour
    DWf Snorunt
    Dwf Kangaskhan
    DWf Phanpy
    DWf Vulpix
    DWf Gligar
    DWf Pidgey
    DWf Munna
    DWf Bidoof
    DWf Burmy
    DWf Shuppet
    DWf Spinark
    DWf Maril
    DWf Bagon
    DWf Sableye
    DWf Dratini
    DWf Natu
    DWf Growlithe
    DWf Slowpoke
    DWf Tropius
    DWf Sneasel
    DWf Snover
    DWf Cubone
    DWf Whismur
    DWf Drilbur
    DWf Aron

    Looking For:

    DWf Swinub
    Dwf Druddigon
    Other DWf I don't have.
    DW Ditto for this one I'm offering a shiny UT Hasty Snivy and/or events

    Pm me.
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    looking for DW ditto, DWF hariyama, DWF breloom, DWF dragonite, DWF muk, DWF absol, DWF zebstrika, DWF amoonugus, and DWF pinsir from the hidden hollow on BW2 i need them on BW1 so i can breed for the hidden ability i can offer DW pokemon from BW1 and a few shinies depending on what DWF you have on my list
    lastly i am looking for LOTS of Movie12 keldeo event UT with the PP Max item from the event
    found a cloner now mainly looking for DWF from BW2 hidden hollows and many keldeo of various natures will trad for any that i can get if we can work out a deal
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    first successfull (and accidental) MM Shelmet timid 31/1/19/31/31/31 4:25 pm EST 4/14/14
    Shiny XD Gale of Darkness Zubat caught September 17th 2012 @ 4:24 pm EST cave PokeSpot

    ALL Gen6 6IV Event pokemon are hacked

    I play Destiny on PS4, hit me up if you wanna raid or do weekly's

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    Looking for UT DW Male Adamant Torchic . I have some shinies on my sig to offer . Pm me please .
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    I am looking for a DWF magikarp... I have a lot of dwf to offer... pls, URGENT !!!

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    Melbourne Victoria


    Looking for a Dreamworld Female Abra have tons to offer so please pm me.

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    Looking for a DW Charmander or Dratini, DW Pokemon I have are Poochyena, Trapinch, and Shuppet (female), but will trade other things. PM me.

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    Looking for the following DWF:


    I offer these DW Females:
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    Tough luck, stalker.


    Looking for a DWF Cubchoo. Offering any one Pokemon from my shop. The link's in my signature.

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    none of your business


    Looking for any foreign dw eeveelution(korean,japanese,french,spanish,german, italian), dw starter(korean or japanese), english dw vaporean(from the befriend an eeveelution dream world event and not bred), other korean rayquazas, korean and japanese porygons, korean and japanese blisseys, dw bulbasaur(notJu-da-su's), dw squirtle(jp), korean and japanese banettes and lucarios, any french, german, italian and spanish dw lucarios with different natures than the ones i have and other target lucarios of other natures with proof of legitimacy. Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befriending board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board.
        Spoiler:- dw events with proof:

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    Im look for these pokemon

    DW Squirtle other then bold or calm nature
    Aron male with the egg moves Stealth Rock and Endeavor
    Navel Rock Lugia
    Shiny Golett Adamant Nature
    Shiny Shuckle Relaxed Nature
    Shiny Tirtouga Male Must Know Flail
    DW Frillsh female
    DW Purrloin female
    DW Togpei
    DW Ditto
    And Icy Cave DW female

    Rugged Mountain (Haves)


    And any other Dream World Pokemon I dont have pokemon that don't have (mainly female DW)

    Manor pokemon (Haves)

    Offering these pokemon

    DW female Heracross with egg moves Pursuit and Megahorn
    DW female Shroomish with egg moves Seed Bomb and Bullet Seed
    DW female Ducklett
    DW female Druddigon with the egg moves Fire Fang, Glare and Sucker Punch
    DW female Minccino
    DW female Cubchoo with the Night Slash and Ice Punch
    DW female Emolga with the egg moves Air Slash, and Baton Pass
    Deino male or female with egg moves Earth Power and Dark Pulse (bred from parent from Black 2 & White 2 that learn the moves from the move tutors)
    DW female Swinub with the egg moves Ancient Power, Stealth Rock and Icicle Crash
    DW female Snorunt with egg moves Spike and Avalance
    DW female Gible with egg move Outrage
    DW female Shuckle
    DW Happiny (female only) with egg moves Counter or Helping Hand, Gravity and Metronome
    DW female Eevee any nature With egg moves Wish, Yawn and Synchronoise
    DW Hippopotas Male Adamant with Superpower UT in dream ball
    DW Tyogue (Male Only) Jolly with Mach Punch UT in dream ball
    DW Larvitar Male Adamant with Stealth Rock UT in dream ball
    DW Magnemite Quiet with Recycle UT in dream ball
    US DW Crogunk Male Adamant
    DW Eevee Male Timid Nature with Egg moves Wish, Yawn and Synchronoise Nearly Flawless
    (Good Offers Only)
    DW Rotom Hasty Nature with the move Signal Beam (In Dream Ball)
    DW Taruos (Male Only) Jolly Nature with Iron Tail
    DW Banette Female Adamant Nature with Cotton Guard
    DW Sableye Female with egg moves Sucker Punch and Recover
    DW Shuppet Female with egg move Destiny Bond and Pursuit
    DW Spiritomb Female with Icy Wind (In Dream Ball)
    DW Ralts Female with egg moves Destiny Bond and Shadow Sneak
    DW Abra Female Modest or Timid Nature with egg move Skill Swap
    DW Mawile Female with Ice Punch (In Dream Ball)

    Events, Legendary and XD Pokemon I’m offering

    US Mewtwo event Timid nature
    US Victini movie event Timid or Jolly Natures
    Shiny Landorus Hasty Nature
    XD Lugia Bold Nature with the move Feather Dance, PsychoBoost, Earth Power and Roost
    XD Zapdos Naďve Nature with the moves Extrasensory, Baton Pass and Heat Wave
    XD Moltres Mild Nature with the moves Extrasensory, Morning Sun and Heat Wave
    XD Articuno Calm Nature with the moves Roost, Water Pulse, Icy Wind and Heal Bell

    Shines im offering

    DW Shiny Female Feebas Sassy Nature with egg move Mirror Coat holding Prism Scale
    DW Shiny Female Growlithe Hasty Nature with egg moves Close Combat and Flare Blitz
    Shiny DW Pichu Female Hasty Nature with egg moves Fake Out and Encore
    (New) Shiny DW Swablu female Hasty Nature with egg moves Dragon Rush and Roost
    (New) Shiny DW Miltank female Jolly Nature with egg moves Curse, Double-Edge and Heart Stamp
    (Good Offers Only)
    (New) Shiny DW Absol Female Adamant Nature with egg moves Baton Pass, Megahorn and Sucker Punch
    (Good Offers Only)
    (New) Shiny DW Magby Female Jolly Nature with egg moves Mach Punch, Thunder Punch and Flare Blitz Nearly Flawless 31/31/31/31/x/31
    (Good Offers Only)

    5 Gen Shines

    Shiny Ferroseed Female Impish Nature with egg moves Spikes Leech Seed
    Shiny Woobat female Naive Nature with egg move Roost
    Shiny Purrloin Male Modest Nature with Snarl and Hidden Power Fighting
    Shiny Blitzle Female Jolly Nature with egg moves Me First, Double Kick and Double Edge
    Shiny Axew Male Naughty Nature

    4 Gen Shines

    Shiny Male Cranidos Hasty nature with the move Fire Punch,Thunder Punch and Superpower
    (Good Offers Only)
    Shiny Female Cherubi Sassy nature with the move Giga Drain and Synthesis
    (Good Offers Only)
    Shiny Male Snorunt Adamant nature with the moves Spikes, Avalanche and Secret Power
    (Good Offers Only)
    Shiny Female Froslass Naive nature with the moves Trick, Water Pulse and Icy Wind
    (Good Offers Only)
    Shiny Rhydon Male Adamant with moves Avalanche, Thunder Punch and Aqua Tail
    (Good Offers Only)
    Shiny Bagon Male Hasty with the moves Dragon Dance, Shadow Claw, Fire Fang and Outrage
    (Good Offers Only)
    Shiny Cyndaquil Male Modest with the moves Extrasensory and Heat Wave
    (Good Offers Only)

    Dream World Females I can breed

    1. Vulpix
    2. Poliwag
    3. Dratini
    4. Lapras
    5. Skarmory
    6. Feebas
    7. Magikarp
    8. Lilleep
    9. Drifloon
    10. Shellos
    11. Carvanha
    12. Ponyta
    13. Swablu
    14. Gligar
    15. Growlithe
    16. Anorith
    17. Corphish
    18. Zubat
    19. Staravia
    20. Miltank
    21. Girafarig
    22. Lickitung
    23. Tropius
    24. Nidoran F
    25. Hoothoot
    26. Butterfree
    27. Wooper
    28. Omanyte
    29. Exeggcute
    30. Stantler
    31. Hoppip
    32. Taillow
    33. Slowpoke
    34. Farfetch’d
    35. Corsola
    36. Tangela
    37. Barboach
    38. Murkrow
    39. Shinx
    40. Surskit
    41. Seaking
    42. Igglybuff
    43. Burmy
    44. Smeargle
    45. Eevee
    46. Natu
    47. Mareep
    48. Maril
    49. Krabby
    50. Poochyena
    51. Aerodactyl
    52. Electrike
    53. Kangaskhan
    54. Tentacool
    55. Horsea
    56. Elekid
    57. Glameow
    58. Chatot
    59. Delibird
    60. Buneary
    61. Stunky
    62. Scyther
    63. Clampearl
    64. Lotad
    65. Sudowoodo
    66. Spearow
    67. Musharna
    68. Darumaka
    69. Pichu
    70. Banette
    71. Sableye
    72. Abra
    73. Shuppet
    74. Spiritomb
    75. Smoochum
    76. Mawile
    77. Illumise
    78. Meowth
    79. Spoink
    80. Houndour
    81. Spinarak
    82. Drowzee
    83. Croagunk
    84. Mankey
    85. Bagon
    86. Absol
    87. Makuhita
    88. Cacnea
    89. Chinchou
    90. Seel
    91. Magby
    92. Larvitar
    93. Torkoal
    94. Happiny
    95. Phanphy
    96. Slugma
    97. Gible
    98. Shuckle
    99 Swinub
    100. Snorunt
    101. Sneasel
    102. Aron
    103. Minccino
    104. Druddigon
    105. Cubchoo
    106. Emolga
    107. Ducklett
    108. Shroomish
    109. Heracross
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    Looking for:

    Dream World Female Pokemon from Icy Cave
    Legit Event/Legends (Will trade numerous DWF for them)
    Shiny Pokemon (Will trade numerous DWF for them)
    Items such as Masterballs, EXP. Share, etc.
    Big Wants (Will trade Event/Legend/Shiny Pokemon for them):

    DWF Zangoose
    DWF Makuhita/Hariyama
    DWF Grimer
    DW Ditto
    Any DWF from B2W2
    Dream Radar Pokemon (Lugia, Ho-oh, etc.)
    Shiny Jolly/Adamant UT Meditite/Medicham

    I have these DWF Pokemon to offer:

        Spoiler:- Dream World Female:

    I have these legit UT legends/events and Shiny Pokemon to offer (The ones bolded are for Legit Event/Legends and or Shiny offers only.)


        Spoiler:- Event/Legendary Pokemon:

    Shiny Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Shiny Pokemon:

    *I also have these Egg Move Pokemon I can offer.*

        Spoiler:- Egg Move Pokemon:

    PM me with offers
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    Looking for Icy Cave DW females and Hidden Hollow DW females (and DW Ditto with 31 HP IV) that are new. Not stuff like Pachirisu, Absol, Vulpix, etc.

    In return I offer flawless/Near flawless stuff

        Spoiler:- non-shiny:

        Spoiler:- shiny:

    My stuff will be cloned, I can clone yours if you need to. VM or PM if interested.

    (I have a few more shiny flawless to add to my list too...)

    Updated stuff: Non-Shiny

    Ditto: All 31
    Adamant Nature

    Dratini: All 31 but Attack
    Modest nature, Marvel Scale

    Gligar: All 31 but Sp Att
    Jolly nature, Immunity


    Castform: 31/30/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire)
    Timid: Forecast

    Pichu: Flawless
    Hasty, Lightningrod

    Stunky: Flawless
    Naive, Aftermath

    Caterpie: 31/23/31/31/31/31
    Timid, Shield Dust

    Farfetch'd: All 31 but Sp Att
    Adamant, Defiant

    Grimer: 31/31/31/05/31/31
    Careful, Sticky Hold

    Seedot: 30/31/30/30/31/30 (HP Fire)
    Modest, Chlorophyll

    Venipede: Flawless
    Jolly, Poison Point

    Lileep: 31/30/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire)
    Relaxed, Storm Drain

    Throh: All 31 but Speed
    Brave, Guts

    Girafarig: Flawless
    Timid, Early Bird

    Poochyena: Flawless
    Jolly, Rattled

    Snover: Flawless
    Sassy, Snow Warning

    Trapinch: All 31 but Sp Att
    Jolly, Arena Trap

    Glameow: Flawless
    Adamant, Limber

    Cubchoo: Flawless
    Rash, Snow Cloak
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    Seeking DWF mincinno willing to offer shinies events etc, pm me

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    Hi there, I am looking for DW or BW2 , Shuckle, Belroom,Alomomola,Foongus,Zangoose, Heracross, female please.
    I have for offer many many legit Events,( incl. the New Keldeo)
    or flawless Ditto rng by me.
    Please pn me for offer, thank you.

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    Offering imposter ditto . 26 Ivs in hp. Pm me offers

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    Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil


    I'm Looking for the following Female Hidden ability pokemon:

    From Dream World: Nosepass, Snorunt, Cranidos, Pidove, Sigilyph, Basculim (Red and Blue), Ducklett, Alomomola, Elgyem, Stunfisk, Pawniard, Durant, Heatmor, petilil, cottonee, timpole, carrablast, shelmet.

    From B2W2:Vullaby, Weedle, Venonat, Grimer, Pinsir, Heracross, Zangoose, Seviper, Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Blitzle, Woobat, Sewaddle, Trubbish, Minccino, Carrablast, Shelmet, Cubchoo, Meinfoo e Bouffalant.

    From Dream Radar: Togepi, Riolu, Sigilyph.

    I have the following Female pokemon to offer: All female pokemon from old B1W1 Dream World areas, Chansey, Pichu, eevee, munna, Darumaka, Cubone, Onix, Cleffa, Dunsparce, Shuckle, Sneasel, Swinub, Spheal, Shieldon, Snover, Gible, Sandshrew, Geodude, Diglett, Whismur, Aron, Deerling, foongus, Drilbur, Druddigon, Combee, Frillish and Shroomish.

    Keep in mind that most of the pokemon i have to offer need to be breed when asked, so it could take some time.

    Just PM me to do offers.

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