Requestables: Avatars, Banners, Headers, Wallpapers, Extracted Signatures, Text Signatures, Full Signatures, Fake Shippy Screenshots, Avatar Signature, Headshots Lineart/Color, and Manga Coloring.

Request Slots:
1. pengyzu - Text Signature
2. Oceanus191 - Extracted Signature
3. ~SkyHigh~ - Avatar Signature

When regular request slots fill up spillover requests can be used. Like regular requests, there are only three slots, unlike regular requests they are for specific things.

Spillover Request Slots:
1. Most Popular - Banner: KuromiCrimsonArcAlliance
2. Overlooked - Headshot:
3. Wild Card - Full Signature: VolcanicF

Wow. I think it’s been like… two years since I had a shop. But I finally got a hankering to do request graphics again, so I’ll do this for as long as that lasts.

The Rules

1. All forum rules apply.
2. Your account must be over a month old before you can make a request.
3. Use the forms provided.
4. Give credit.
5. You must provide acceptable images. Don’t expect me to search around for you.
6. You’re allowed a maximum of 2 images per graphic. (With the exceptions of avatar sigs in which you can have 3 (one for each avatar), extracted sigs where only one image is allowed; text sigs, where there are no images included; and fake shippy screenshots, where I will likely only use two, but you are encouraged to provide a lot of images to give me material to choose from).
7. I strongly advise that you host your own images, otherwise they may be deleted.
8. Don’t make a request when all the request slots are filled.
9. Don’t bug me about when you’ll be getting your request because then you won’t get your request. I do have many priorities above this shop in my life.
10. If you have any questions, PM me. Don’t ask them here.
11. After you receive your request you must wait 5 days before requesting a new image.
12. I will only take one headshot lineart/headshot color/manga coloring request at a time, so if someone else in the queue has already requested one, you'll have to try again next time. (This is because those requests take me longer) - there is an exception to this when one of these items is a spillover special. Then I'll do two.
13. For the time being I will not draw Pokemon - only humans, or at least the humanish.

Forms & Examples:

    Spoiler:- Forms & Examples:


Simple set-up: if you break a rule, you get a strike. The first strike means a day ban from requesting. The second strike means a week ban from requesting. And the third strike means a month ban from requesting. Fourth strike means you're banned from requesting permanently.

Note- Don’t freak out if your request is denied. That’s not automatically a strike. You might have done everything right, but I’m not able to do your request for some other reason. If I don’t say ‘Strike #’ after your request is denied, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.


-samurottwarrior: 1
-gible_: 1
-Zekerom: 1
-GameLion: 1
-koopa dude64: 1
-blobman94: 1
-Tepig 5000: 1
-Blackacer: 1
-Silver Totodile: 1
-avatarsokia: 1
-animekid: 1
-PoignantLyrics: 1
-Purrloin: 2
-pokeloverdude: 1
-EnvyTheirGreed: 1
-Shadow Lucario: 1
-Mew_: 1
-shiny collector 96: 1
-Gorgonopsid Master: 1
-acetrainerelliot: 2
-StarlightUmbreon: 1
-KiwiDude: 1
-Peters: 1
-Totodile is BEAST: 1
-dusk26: 1
-draya the dark master: 1
-PokeKat248: 1
-Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb: 1
-VolcanicF: 1
-Turtlestarf: 1