In some ways it's fitting how hiro wraps up one of the worst arcs in history with one of the worst chapters ever written. For so many reasons this arc was bad but holy frick does this take the cake. Minerva completely forgets that she can teleport anything anywhere and just takes the full on hit from erza and ends up reduced to TEARS. I mean thats not fitting for her or Kagura yet he insits on reducing anyone to that level. And don't even get me started on minerva being one shotted when she was perfectly fine a second before. Hiro's love for love erza now knows no bounds now that she can now practily "bend the laws of magic to her will". Then he completely dropped the ball on anything sting had going for him by having him give up to people he could beat by tipping them over. I mean he completely wasted every page that had sting in it. As for the juvias fight, it was bad because chelia became an idiot at the last second just so gray could win instead of them being a challenge throughout the entire fight.

Only up sides I see to this is we got to see minervas panties and this terrible tournament is over with cause good lord hiro knows how to ruin something.