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    Well, this came just as an inspiration to me today. A one-shot about Pryce and an apprentice. Not usual in me to make a one-shot, and specially one that does not include an OC as a main character. Still, I had a great time writing this.

    By the way, in my story Pryce doesn't has any children/grandchildren, like in the anime. Because in the games he mentions grandchildren. Just as a quick note.

    Well without any further ado....


    A pokemon One-shot story By: RoflLuxRay

    “I’m getting old” Pryce sighed as he gazed at the lake of rage absent-mindedly. Next to him a young raven-haired teenager frowned at the man for his comment.

    “You’re not old” a smile spread across his face “you’re only feeling old. That cold waterfall is finally getting into you, is it?” The old man’s white hair waved a little with the breeze as he turned to face the boy, a sad look in his eyes.

    “Mark, listen to me” his blue eyes narrowed as he turned to face the immense blue lake again “I’ll be going soon. Someone has to look after the gym after I’m gone”

    “C’mon, master” Mark chuckled “you’re not going anywhere until my training is done” Pryce turned to face him with a cold look in his eyes; somehow, he knew his time was running out. With a firm grip on his cane, he smashed the ground “Mark” adrenaline filled his old veins with a long gone excitement, however, he knew he needed to calm down to continue his words “you’ve been training with me for 7 years now. I tried to pass down as much knowledge as I could down to you, but I think the time has come for me to show you this” he reached the left pocket of his clear brown jacket and slowly pulled out a worn out pokeball.

    “This will be your final test” Pryce said as his Piloswine appeared, growling at Mark. Pryce’s old ice-pokemon never liked his master’s apprentice, but he always kept him at bay.

    “I have defeated your Piloswine before, what’s different now?” Mark asked while reaching out his belt for a pokeball “You shall not fight him today” Pryce interrupted “Piloswine, lead the way” the swine pokemon walked past Mark and headed into the forest.

    “Follow me” Pryce walked past him and signaled him with his hand. “Where are we going?” Mark quickly ran to catch up to the old man. “Somewhere special” the old man’s reply only made his apprentice more curious. “Where’s special?” Pryce was already used to Mark’s curiousness; it took him some time to master the ability to ignore all of his questions.

    “What did I told you about patience?” he said calmly, closing his eyes. Mark looked down in disappointment “Patience is a virtue” he repeated his master’s words in a way he despises, but for the young man’s surprise, he giggled, “What’s so funny?” the apprentice asked with a scowl.

    “Can’t an old man laugh out of the blue?” his voice filled with sudden joy, “I’m surprised master. You don’t laugh that often” the apprentice remarked. He looked around and realized they were now standing in the middle of the forest. Pinus, Cuppressus and many other gymnosperms surrounded them, blocking the sun above. “I know I’m a bitter old man, but I wasn’t always like that”

    “You are not bitter master” Mark said with urge, he was used to hear Pryce rant about everything so he developed the habit of countering his words instantly. “Why fool myself, Mark” Pryce sighed “remember, to win every battle you need to know the enemy and yourself. I’ve lived for eighty four years now, after so long, you really get to know yourself”

    “How long is it going to take to get there?” Mark glanced at his master. “A while” Pryce stared at his old pokemon blankly “My Piloswine has been with me for over 60 years now. He looks as healthy as when he evolved in the Fifty five…”

    “What’s with the story lesson?” the teenager asked with a frown, moving some strands of his hair off his eyes. “It is part of your training. I suggest you to listen carefully to my words”

    “Alright, what am I going to learn today?” Pryce pulled up his right sleeve and showed a burn scar spread across his arm. “You’re going to learn about me” he said calmly, touching gently his arm and closing his eyes “Whoa!” Mark snapped “Where did you get that?” The old man covered his arm back and placed his hands in the pockets of his jacket.

    “It was in the winter of the fourty one, I was only fifteen when I ran from my house in Azalea. My parents never liked the idea of me training pokemon, back then it was not as accepted as it is today”

    “Really?” Mark curiousness began to rise “Yes. Pokemon were revered and worshiped back then. Trainers were a new, odd fashion by the time I fled on a cold, misty winter morning. I ran north, what you know as routes were just massive forest and many people got lost inside of them. I stored enough food for a three day journey on foot and enough money to survive if I were to lose a battle” he sighed again and stared at the sun above him, barely showing in between the dense branches of the trees. “After a few days I winded up in Ecruteak, there were more trees back then. To the west a forest path leaded to Olivine, and no one ever wandered east”

    “Mahogany was a bad place to live back then?” Mark’s eyes began to lose in the forest immensity. “Mahogany was nothing but a plain between two mountains covered with snow by that time”

    “Really?” surprise struck the apprentice suddenly “then where’s the other mountain?” Pryce giggled silently, coughing a little afterwards. “Patience Mark. Patience, my story hasn’t ended, save some of your questions until the end” Mark nodded and his master cleared his throat. “Well. Back then I was rebel, young, strong… different” his mind slowly drifted in his memories, almost coming to life in his head.


    “The sun is rising, I should move” Younger Pryce opened his eyes widely, reaching for his bag to grab some food. Sun was slowly rising from behind the branches of the trees around him. Ecruteak was a short walk west from his position; he wandered into the unexplored forest east of the massive tower that rose from above the vegetation.

    “I know you’re out there” Pryce said with a calm voice, searching his bag for food. The bushes in front of him shook, and slowly, a small, shy Swinub appeared.

    “You’ve been following me since I left Ecruteak, if you want some food you just have to come for it, buddy” he smiled, while reaching out a slice of white bread to the pokemon in front of him. The Swinub cautiously took the bread and began eating it next to Pryce.

    “You’re a ground type, aren’t you?” the teenager asked with a grin, taking a bite off his bread, “Ground types fit me. They are firm and strong-willed. If I ever want to be a pokemon champion I need pokemon with such qualities, don’t you think?” Swinub stared back with a blank look in his eyes.

    “I don’t have a pokemon yet, so would you like to come with me?” he reached out for his bag and pulled out a round object, apparently metallic. It was white, and had a button in the middle. Upon sight, Swinub ran back into the bushes it wandered off a few seconds ago, “C’mon” Pryce shouted “Don’t be shy!”

    After a huge sigh, he stood up and began walking deeper into the forest. It took him some time to notice the drastic temperature drop, announced with trees covered in snow. “Damn…” he thought to himself “No wonder no one ever comes here, it’s all so cold”

    He walked east for thirty minutes, occasionally stopping to glare at the tree line on his sides with a mixture of fear and determination. His wandering eventually led him into a cavern. “Awesome, finally a place to catch a break from the bloody cold” he thought with enthusiasm and rushed towards it. The insides of the cave were dark and moist, but at least warmer than the outsides covered with snow. Pryce placed his bag on a rock a few meters from the entrance and headed outside to collect the necessary items for a campfire.

    It took him a few minutes to collect the wood, and even more time to start the fire, “It’s only been a couple of hours since I began moving and I already need to stop at a cave in the middle of nowhere to get some rest… the cold is relentless” he though while shivering, he stopped when a silhouette began to draw in the wall in front of him. It was a large, biped shadow. Pryce quickly turned to face it and saw a huge bear standing tall in front of him. Time stopped for him in that cave; he was frozen in fear.

    The brown bear slowly approached him in all-four, catching his scent in the air. Pryce felt the adrenaline kicking in, but he was still unable to move. He stood there, staring blankly at the bear now in front of him. It stood up, probably two meters above his head. The walls shook with the fiery roar released, his breath struck Pryce’s face head on, and finally, he reacted with a high-pitched scream as he ran towards the depths of the cave.

    “Run Pryce Sprengporten, run for your life” he kept thinking over and over while running as fast as he could. Pryce could hear the bear panting growing closer to him, anxiety and fear took over his body; but for his relief, a dim light shone ahead of him. He fastened his pace to reach for the light, only to trip with a rock in the middle of the darkness that surrounded him.

    “This is it…” he embraced his destiny as he closed his eyes shut, hoping for the beast to deliver a quick, finishing blow on him.

    “What the…” he opened his eyes open and saw the beast standing in front of him, staring at something behind him in apparent concern. It slowly backed down and disappeared in the pitch-dark void ahead of him, “That was close…” he sighed in relief as he turned around, only to see a human-shaped ice block standing in front of him. It had dots embedded in the middle of its ‘face’ and it seemed to glare back at him.

    “Oh, c’mon!” he shouted as he ran from the monster, its hands began shining in an intense white color, so intense that the walls became clear around him. He saw weird patterns written all around him, they made no sense at all. Dots, dots and more dots were written in all sorts of shapes.

    “What the hell is this place!” he stopped for a moment to stare at the walls with much fascination, completely oblivious to the monster behind him. Suddenly, Pryce was struck by a beam of ice in his right arm. He was thrown towards the wall, slamming against it with brutal force.

    Moaning in pain, he realized his right arm was trapped by a thick layer of ice. He could feel how the ice began to burn his skin, how blood slowly stopped its flow. Astonished, he stared at the ice monster with fear in his eyes.

    “Are you going to kill me?” Pryce said with a gulp, the monster floated in the air slowly towards him. It stopped a few feet away from him and began emitting intelligible noises. The walls then began shining intermittently, along with the dots in the monster’s face.

    “Trespasser, Invader!” A voice echoed in the cave’s walls “thou hast entered the territory of the ice golem Regice. Identify thyself!”

    “My name is Pryce Willow Sprengporten. I aim to become the best Pokemon trainer ever!” his voice was filled with fear, but with enough courage to make his words sound convincing.

    “Pryce Willow Sprengporten. Thou dare to trespass forbidden territory, by the power bestowed upon me, I, Regice, legendary golem ruler of ice shall eliminate thou” Regice spoke with mechanical voice, pointing its blunt arm towards the immobilized human.

    “Hey wait!” Pryce shouted desperately “Just let me go and I will never come back. I’ll do anything you ask me to do!” after a few seconds of absolute silence, the Regice held down his arm, “Is that so, human?” the pattern in the walls began to rearrange, “ If thy words are sincere, then thou shall remain trapped in this place until thy will becomes as hard as the ice around thou”

    “Wait, what?!” Pryce yelled with much surprise “What the hell are you talking about!” the massive golem vanished into the distance, leaving Pryce alone in the darkness.

    “That sounds kinda impossible” Mark said with a frown “What is a Regice doing all the way here in Johto?”

    “Don’t ask me” Pryce replied “That’s a question for the archeologists, I may be old, but I will never forget how I got that scar on my arm kid” Piloswine stopped in front of them, staring at a cavern ahead of him.

    “This is it boy, follow me” Pryce slowly steadily made his way inside the cave, his apprentice gulped and entered after a few seconds of silent meditating.

    “I never thought I would be coming back here… It’s been so long” Pryce sighed as he looked around the place. Mark ran to catch him and said “Is this really the place where you found that Regice?”

    “I really don’t care if you choose to believe me or not” Pryce hissed “your training is almost done, Mark. Come” the old Pryce approached the walls and touched them. A chill ran through Mark’s spine as a roar emanated from the depths of the cave.

    “What was just that?” the young apprentice asked while reaching out his belt for a pokeball, “Put the ball away” Pryce interrupted Mark’s movement with his hand, despite being old, he was still somewhat agile. He nodded and continued to walk next to his master.

    They ventured deep inside the cave, following closely Pryce’s Piloswine around the corners of the dark cave; Mark’s cell phone was the only light source in the darkness around them.

    “Time is running out Mark. I have to be honest with you” Pryce broke the silence between them suddenly, “What is it, master?” Mark said with some concern.

    “As you know I have no children, no wife. Pokemon were my only partners throughout my entire life. I enjoy every single moment of their company” his apprentice frowned; Pryce’s heart began to race with excitement with every step he took deeper into that cave, “As time passes on, you really began to need someone to pass on all of your knowledge, your wisdom. Your experiences, triumphs and defeats”

    The old man reached his hand and touched the wall. It instantly lit in a blue color, showing the dot patterns all around them, “But time, is also a big burden, Mark. Age really takes a toll on you. It makes you weaker, slower… sick” his apprentice ran towards him and shook him hard.

    “Are you alright, master?” he asked knot on his throat, Pryce slowly smiled and his eyes began soaking, “I’ve never been better” he threw his cane and took off his scarf “Mark, listen to me” his apprentice rushed to pick up his master clothes “Mahogany needs a good, strong leader. Someone that carries on with the tradition I forged here. Someone that understands what a bond is. You are a great man, probably the closest thing I could ever had to a children”

    “What is this Pryce, what are you doing, you’re freaking me out” Mark yelled out loud, and another roar shook the cave.

    “Regice!” Pryce shouted out opening his arms “I have come to arrange a deal!”

    Slowly, a white figure shot through the wall, floating graciously in the air, “Pryce Willow Sprengporten, thou art back” it spoke with a deep voice that echoed in the walls, “And not alone, it seems”

    “This is Marcus Vlahoviç. My apprentice” his voice was calm, not showing any fear in his voice or eyes.

    “The friend of my friend is my friend. Welcome, Mr. Vlahoviç” Regice’s comment came with a sigh of relief for Mark, who stared astonished at the ice golem.

    “The flame of my life burns dimly, Regice. I come to offer you my life in exchange for your loyalty towards Mark” his apprentice snapped, absolutely amazed. “What?!” he shouted “you are a perfectly healthy old man, Pryce, you can’t do this!”

    “As I said, Mark” Pryce closed his eyes, a lonely tear slid down his cheek “Time makes you sick. It makes everything harder. Walking, breathing, living… It all becomes a burden because of time. I am willingly releasing myself from this suffering”

    “You can’t give up just now, Pryce, please think about it!”

    “I have already thought about this” he interrupted “I’ve made up my mind”

    “The pact cannot be stopped, young man. Pryce Willow Sprengporten, I shall grant thou thy final words” Regice retreated, preparing its attack.

    “Mark!” Pryce shouted with excitement “I have passed down all I ever learned to you. Every single one of us has flaws, living with them and dealing with them makes us human beings. Remember, for the time to come that when the ice and snow melt, spring arrives. You and your Pokémon will be together for many years to come. Cherish your time together!”

    “Pryce, NO!” Mark shouted helplessly as a white beam struck his master in his back, freezing him to death. Pryce’s memories flashed in front of his eyes as life slowly abandoned his body, coming as a relief to him. With the last breath he ever took, he used it to remember his stubborn apprentice one last time:

    “Patience is a virtue”

    Thanks for your time reading my work
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    Wow, that was a nice one-shot. The last part was very touchy. *sniff*

    Oh, but you only had one grammatical mistake ther. "I will become the trainer ever." You just forgot best.
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    and at times you called him price...............

    don't click this link...

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    Sharp eye, both of you!! Thanks for pointing it out.

    I made this with particular emphasis on the last part, I'm glad it's emotional.

    Thanks for your time reading my work
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