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Thread: Bleach Brave Souls (Android, iOS)

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    Default Bleach Brave Souls (Android, iOS)

    Bleach: Brave Souls is a an action adventure game for Android and iOS, feauturing 3d graphics.

    The game features hack n' slash type combat, with a story mode, battle mode and focuses a lot on obtaining different characters with gems (which you obtain by playing story mode, doing quests and more. ) on the gacha shop. Each of these characters come in a bit of a "chibi" form and have different ranks of strength too, and they all come with skills and ultimate moves. (With the voices and attacks you know from the anime / manga)

    Then you can upgrade your character, from increasing their max level cap, to upgrade stats in a skill tree, and of course leveling up your character with exp prisms. (You gain experience by doing story mode as well)

    So far this game is available only in Japanese. But there's some good translations and guides floating around.

    If you find something else that you can't figure out, let me know and I'll help you out.

    So have fun and enjoy / discuss ~

    So... I didn't see a topic for this, or many topics of games to begin with, and this is a mobile game, but I thought I'd post it. For discussion, updates, adding each other, etc. If this is in the wrong category then please correct me.
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