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Thread: Bad games with interesting mechanics

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    Default Bad games with interesting mechanics

    Same as title. Games that at least tried to bring something new to the table but was still bad overall? First game that fits this description that comes to mind is Spyro Enter the Dragonfly. Yeah, it was glitchy and unfinished and what not but at the same time it was the first Spyro game with multiple breath types at your disposal at all times, something that wasn't the case with the PS1 entries that came before it.

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    I wouldn't say this game is necessarily bad, but in my opinion Little Nightmares had a great concept and interesting mechanics going for it (little kid stuck in a crazy nightmare world involving strange cannibalistic feasts, the complete darkness in some areas requiring Six to get out her lighter), but it gave so few conclusions to what the plot was even supposed to be that I was left just as stumped about what the game was about as when I first started watching a playthrough of it. If the plot had been given at least one or two more conclusions, I may have thought of it more fondly.

    All I know is that our lovable MC Six is now a cannibal about to commit mass genocide with crazy godlike powers.

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    I'd say that pokemon fire red and leaf green weren't such great games IMO, but traveling through kanto with pokemon abilities and the sevee islands were interesting.

    EDIT: I remember having really cool dreams of those games too XD;
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    Megaman X6. Tried to bring this nightmare system concept to make certain levels harder, and depended on who you beat. Instead, this turned out to be extremely annoying and random and was just one of the many problems with the game.

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