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Thread: 5th Gen Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist Thread (READ THE FIRST POST)

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    Default 5th Gen Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist Thread (READ THE FIRST POST)

    Welcome to the 5th Gen Battles Blacklist thread! This thread is to report illegal hackers in wifi battles.

    B/W Battle Blacklist Rules
    1. Do not flame anyone in this thread for any reason. This includes when you are reporting someone for hacking or defending yourself. Any flame posts will be infracted and deleted.
    2. Only post if you have some sort of proof that they're hacking. Don't just post "o his blisey survivd mi lukaros arua spere i think he haked." If you think that someone cheated stat-wise, then do a damage calculation and see if it's actually possible (with maximum EV's/IV's/beneficial nature). If not, then you have a reason to report. Of course, if someone confesses to hacking, you can report them on this list, just be sure you have a clear confession. Also, don't report because they had insane luck and you were unlucky. That's just the way the game goes sometimes.
    3. You may defend yourself in this thread if you have not actually been put on the blacklist yet, but remember not to flame. If you have already been put on the blacklist, pm whichever moderator added you. It will be shown under each entry who added each person, so pm whoever's name is listed.
    4. There will be no more DC battle blacklist. It was deemed unnecessary because of the fact that a DC can occur at any time and it's impossible to tell whose fault it actually is. Don't ask for it back or make threads about it.
    5. Do not go into threads where a person on the blacklist is asking for a battle. Simply report it and don't post unless you wish to offer a battle to someone in the thread.
    6. People are not blacklisted for breaking rules set up in a thread. If you're battling someone and they break the rules you or whoever else put in the first post, either use the report button or PM one of the Competitive mods about it, and we'll take care of it with a warning/infraction.

    Also new to this thread are clear policies on what will happen once you are put on the blacklist. They are outlined as follows:
    Consequences for being on the Blacklist
    1. Obviously, your name will be displayed here for all members to see.
    2. You will be given a three week ban for getting on the blacklist.
    3. Your signature will be editted with a message stating that you are on the blacklist. Removing this message from your signature will result in a 3-point infraction and signature strike for each offense.
    4. In serious cases, you will be forbidden to post in the DP Battles, Clans, and Leagues section. If you are under this category and are found posting, you will be given a 5-point infraction each time you post.

    For those of you reporting someone to be put on the blacklist, use this form:
    [url=URL of user's profile]Username[/url]
    Ingame Name: 
    Reason Why They Belong Here: (with a link to where they were battling, please. This can be via profile messages, a battle thread, clan, whatever. If it was via a PM, contact a moderator of the Competitive Battles Section).
    Here's an example:

    I'm here to put someone on the blacklist.
    Ingame FC: 0000-0000-0000
    Ingame Name: Trainer
    Reason Why They Belong Here: This person had a Caterpie that could use Judgement, which isn't possible in normal play. It was on her profile.

    Note that that's not real... just an example to show you how to do it.

    Also to be noted are the black cards (). These will be placed next to any hacker that uses Pokemon unobtainable in normal gameplay that affects battling. This would include things like a Caterpie with Judgement, an Articuno with 999 Atk, or something similar. Things like a Togekiss in a Cherish Ball or a Cleffa with Softboiled caught on Route 202 will not receive the card, but they will still receive the same punishments as those who have the card. The cards are simply to make things easier on those browsing the blacklist.

        Spoiler:- The Blacklist:
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