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Thread: The Weather League

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    Default The Weather League

    Here you can test your battling skills within the various weather conditions.
    Think you can take the sunny heat, drizzling rain, battering sandstorm, and freezing hail? And even handle yourself within the twisted dimensions of a Trick Room? Then test yourself here and earn yourself some Weather Badges!

    PLEASE READ: This League does both Single and Double Battles, however, it is up to the Leader to decide what they would prefer (you may discuss it with the Leader beforehand and make an agreement if they are flexible about it). Battles done over Wifi will be done in the 5th Gen games (Black/White). You may also use PO. You'll need to have your Pokemon at lvl 100 if battling on Wifi, since our League allows some Pokemon that are banned (event Pokemon), thus forcing us to use the "No Restrictions" rule on Wifi (which does NOT auto level your Pokemon).

    * It is HIGHLY recommended that you're capable of using both Wifi and PO due to the mixture of Leaders that prefer one over the other, and it will help you get accepted if you and another person are trying for the same position.


    Positions still available:

        Spoiler:- Gym Leaders:

        Spoiler:- Weather Leaders (Elite 4):

    * If the position you're interested in is not currently available, ask anyways. We have members that are filling in certain positions for the time being just to get things running, and you may be able to replace them.


    If you plan to apply for a Leader spot or to Challenge this League, please read and understand all of the following rules:

    1. All SPPF rules apply.
    2. No spamming. Be respectful in your posts.
    3. No inappropriate nicknames, whatsoever. Use common sense when deciding if your nickname may or may not offend someone. If necessary, you may PM ShadowSplash and ask about a specific nickname that you are unsure about.
    4. If you agree to use voice chat, no bad language, taunting, or any form of harassment. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    5. Refer to the following Clauses (if anything is not listed here, then it does not apply to this League):

        Spoiler:- Clauses:

    * It should also be noted that there is no rule that disapproves the use of Drizzle and Swift Swim in the same team. This goes with any other Weather/Ability combinations.

    6. The following Pokemon are completely banned from this League:

        Spoiler:- Banned Pokemon:

    7. The following items and abilities are currently banned from this League:

    Banned Abilities:
    - Moody

    Banned Items:
    - Soul Dew*

    * This item is currently unobtainable in any 5th gen game, therefore, anyone who has this item is hacking. When everyone is capable of obtaining this item, I will be lifting the ban on it (probably).

    8. All Challengers and Leaders must submit a team that they plan to use for every battle, and CANNOT change it without notifying the leader of this League.
    * This is to avoid anyone making a full team of Pokemon to counter a Leader. Anyone caught changing up their team without permission will be removed from the League. After official Gym Battles, Leaders and Challengers are recommended to PM the team used against them in order to confirm that no Pokemon were changed. This rule does not stop you from changing the movesets or items on your Pokemon, however, if a Gym Leader feels that a Challenger had all of their Pokemon's moves prepared to counter them, and felt that it created a massive disadvantage for them, they can contact ShadowSplash regarding it and we will discuss the issue.
    9. If a Challenger loses a battle to a Gym Leader, they must wait at least a day before rechallenging that Gym. If you lose to a Weather Leader, you must wait at least two days. Finally, if you lose to the Champion, you must wait three days.
    10. Challengers are permitted to battle Gym Leaders in any order (no need to go by the order that they are listed). In addition, there is no limit to how many they may battle a day (unless they lose, then they must abide to rule #8 in regards to that specific Gym, but can continue challenging others). Challengers may battle the Weather Leaders in any order, as well, but may not begin challenging them until every Gym Leader has been defeated. Similarly, the Champion cannot be challenged until all (Gym and Weather) Leaders are defeated.
    * Weather Leaders are recommended to check a Challengers 'Badge Case' on the front page when being challenged to make sure that they are eligible to challenge you (meaning they have collected all 17 badges from our Gym Leaders).
    11. When a Challenger collects every badge and has defeated each Weather Leader they will battle the Champion for the title 'Weather Champion.' They will keep this title until a new Challenger has defeated them (and they will become the new Champion).
    10. All Leaders and Challengers are recommended to save their Battle Videos, in case any issues come up (hacking accusations, etc.) and you will be required to allow the other person to save it (meaning no shutting your game off as soon as you lose/win).
    12. No shutting off your game or moving out of Wifi range in order to interrupt a battle (this can't really be proven, as some people do truly have poor connection), and if anyone feels that their opponent did it intentionally, they are recommended to notify ShadowSplash regarding it.
    13. If you decide that you no longer want to be a Leader or Challenger, please notify ShadowSplash immediately. If you are inactive in the League for a very long time (this is especially towards Leaders), you will be removed from the League. You may, of course, inform ShadowSplash if you think there will be a time that you will not be able to battle (traveling, school, work, lack of internet, etc).
    14. No hacking .... seriously. This will not be tolerated and you will not only be permanently disqualified from the League, but will be reported to SPPF mods.
    15. If you plan to apply, refer to the form at the bottom of this post. Incomplete forms will immediately earn you an infraction.
    16. Do your best, and have fun! ^__^

    Gym Leaders: In order to qualify as a specific type's Gym Leader, your team must have 4/6 Pokemon matching your Gym's type.
    Weather Leaders: As a Weather Leader, you are required to either have a Pokemon with the corresponding weather bringing ability (Trick Room is excluded), or a Pokemon that will use the move to bring the weather onto the field (though the ability if recommended, of course). Your team must make use of the weather (meaning no throwing out the weather and then having a team that gains nothing from it).


        Spoiler:- Gym Leaders:

        Spoiler:- Weather Leaders:


        Spoiler:- Challengers:

    * Challengers may use the League Userbar for their signatures. Just PM ShadowSplash for the image code.


        Spoiler:- Infractions:

        Spoiler:- Banned List:

    * Depending on what rule you break, you may or may not receive a temporary infraction before being banned from this League. If you are to become banned, you are no longer welcome here.


    If you're interested in challenging or applying as a leader for this League, please refer to the following form:

        Spoiler:- Application Form:

    Then, please wait for a response, or PM ShadowSplash. Once you are accepted, you will be asked to PM your team (no need for movesets, natures, items, etc., just the Pokemon), and Leaders will also be asked to participate in a test battle.*

    * The Test battles are to see how well you'll do as a Leader. This does not mean that if you lose, you won't get the position; It's to test your battling skills to see if you do well in situations and can hold your own.

    NOTE: Test battles are currently unavailable, and will not be held at the time. All this means is that you will be automatically accepted, so everyone should still apply!

    If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, do not be afraid to ask or send a VM/PM to ShadowSplash.
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