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Thread: Emolga and the New Volt Switch! (687)

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    I'd watch a Snivy/ Emolga spinoff, complete with obviously fake flashbacks and lots of Snivy eye rolling.
    Emolga and Snivy with Oshawott!
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    Started by Crawdauntpro.

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    Snivy is really something... by the way Emolga reminds me of a Teddiursa back in the Johto series... That Teddiursa used to trick everyone in the same way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orton155 View Post
    Snivy was the greatest this episode. I think we can see that Snivy really is the big sister of the group because normally she will do her own thing, keeping herself to herself but when there is trouble she is there to help and sort things out, in this case it was emolga.
    SNIVY FTW!!!! I was really glad to see that Snivy got a major role in this episode, because before now we haven't really seen Snivy much. She has one of the best Pokemon personalities ever,in my opinion.

    I also like how this episode really explored some of the Pokemons' personalities. So now we know the natures of four major Pokemon:

    Oshawott - Sassy
    Snivy - Calm
    Axew - Quirky

    And Emolga was just revealed to be Naughty. ;P
    I derp.

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    I just watched this again. Snivy is sooo Badass in this episode!

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    Snivy was great in this episode. Too bad Ash's battle against Bianca didn't finish. I would have liked to see Snivy beat Pignite.

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    During the episode where the Pokemon got themselves in a situation with the watchog and the simisear, I could see how some of the Pokemon are like some of the other characters
    Snivy= Leonardo from Tmnt, responsible type
    Emolga= Michelango from Tmnt, funny, pulling pranks on the other Pokemon, and messing with Simisear
    Axew= Donnettlo from Tmnt, smart and trying to figure out what to do
    Simisear= Raphael from Tmnt, hot headed and get angry easily
    Osawatt= Brock from pokemon crushing on Emolga
    Plus when Snivy showed up to the battle, emolga wanted to walk off and let snivy to battle with Simisear, snivy was like no you got yourself into this, and you are going to get yourself out.

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    Once again, Cilan proves to be the best character on this cast. There really wasn't anything interesting with this episode to be honest. Emolga was pretty annoying and there was nothing in this episode that was really interesting really.

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    I liked the pokemon's and Cilan's reactions to Emolga switching in other pokemon with volt switch, even those that weren't her own teammates. Cilan's reaction to pansage's win was especially funny. Overall, good episode.

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