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Thread: Rain Dance Team owning it up but any tips to make it better?

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    Default Rain Dance Team owning it up but any tips to make it better?

    I only use 2 Swift Swim pokemon to keep this from being too broken and just spamming every Swift Swim pokemon I can get my hands on. My team consists of Politoed at lead for Drizzle and for being my all time favorite pokemon. Forretress to abuse the fact that he's awesome and will only have one x2 weakness when in the rain. Ludicolo because what rain team is complete without him? He's there as a recovering and stalling special defender and attacker. Toxicroak for his ability to own, stall, be beneficial to my rain dance team without being water, and being a frog. And Finally Kingdra and Kabutops as my special and physical Swift Swim sweepers respectively.

    Politoed @ Quick Claw
    Hydro Pump

    Love this guy! Quick Claw so maybe he will get the first move, he's here to suck up special hits and deal some damage in return. Encore works well on most opposing leads hypnosis rocks on everyone Hydro Pump is awesome and Psychic for some variance.

    Forretress @ Iron Ball
    Toxic Spike
    Stealth Rock
    Gyro Ball
    Rapid Spin

    The idea here is to switch in on a physical opponent who will hopefully think they can beat up and out-speed this little guy. Allowing him to take hits and set up. Then hit 'em with a nice strong Gyro Ball to the face. Rapid Spin is there to remove any entry hazards.

    Ludicolo @ Leftovers
    Rain Dish
    252 SpD/252SpA
    Giga Drain
    Leech Seed

    A reverse Forretress in some ways. Except on the special side. He regains a lot of health at the end of the turn with Dish Leftovers and Leech Seed and more with a giga drain going last at the end of the turn. Surf is there for a nice strong water STAB move in the rain and in doubles works wonders with Toxicroaks Dry Skin.

    Toxicroak @ Black Sludge
    Dry Skin
    Poison Jab
    Drain Punch

    A mix of a physical sweeper and Ludicolo. He actually works really well. Against slower pokemon I will use one of his stronger moves usually Poison Jab unless it's not very effective or the opponent flies or has levitate. Against Faster pokemon Drain Punch so I can heal after their attack and protect the next turn to regain even more health.

    I'm running out of time but this part is simple. Max Speed and Attack along with Swift Swim and power boosting items that are STAB in the Rain and you have some super Sweepers.

    Kingdra @ Choice Specs
    Swift Swim
    Dragon Pulse
    Ice Beam
    Signal Beam

    Kabutops @ Life Orb
    Swift Swim
    Swords Dance
    Stone Edge
    Aerial Ace
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    I can see it annoying the **** out of me, but my lead will make quick work of 3 for your pokemon. I recommend a Hurricane Dragonite somewhere. They annoy everyone with that confusion. Don't forget, hurricane and Thunder have 100% accuracy in the rain, and they have 30% of their respective statues. With multiscale, you will be annoying, because only cloysters and draco meteors from latios/hydreigons can murder you.
    Abuse thunder and hurricane as well as swift swim.

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    Dude! Politoad shouldnt have Psychic! Give it an Icebeam man! Ice beam pwns mant leads nowadays.. XD

    Man did i fight u before? It looked like your team! Lucklily i won :P XD My Serperior rocks!

    Also, as my classmate stated above, have a tunder/Hurricane abuser! Beware of weather changers as if politoad dies, your team is crap.

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    And naturally I have to follow up.
    Swift Swim + Drizzle is a combo ban- meaning that you can use Swift Swim, you can use Drizzle, but no way can you use them together.

    Give Politoed Ice beam, get some more special defense (since Thunder/Hurricane will sweep you clean), dump in some hurricane users, put a volcarona in case of sun with
    -Quiver Dance
    -Fiery Dance
    -Bug Buzz

    and yes, I got that off somewhere in the forum... forgot where.

    People stay home when it's raining- but Politoed is still out in the open. Once he's gone, Tyranitar/Hippowdon/Ninetales just trample all over you.
    Politoed wants speed EVs too, so that people don't set up on you, Brelooms don't spore you, Brelooms don't bullet seed you, Etc. Max HP instead of SDef too.
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