I started playing online yesterday and have been doing very well. I am at 20-0 win/loss. I can't help but think my team could be much better though.

Zoroark- Modest @focus sash
Ev- 252sat 252spd 4hp
Nasty plot
Night daze
Hyper beam

Zoroark is my lead. I disguise it as galvantula so my opponent does not use bug/fighting moves at first which is more effective than I thought it would be. After 1 nasty plot I can normally 1hko anything that doesn't resist it. And focus sash keeps it alive the first turn.

Galvantula- rash @zap plate
Evs 252sat 252spd 4sdf
Electro ball
Energy ball
Bug buzz

My electric pokemon. He can't take a hit well but just barely faster than my zoroark which outspeed alot of pokemon.

Haxorus- adamant @lum berry
Evs 252atk 252spd 4hp
Brick break

Haxorus is my physical sweeper. Highest attack on my team and decent speed dominates

Charizard- rash @ expert belt
Evs 252sat 252spd 4hp
Focus blast
Air slash

Yea yea i know. It's a charizard. My favorite pokemon so lay off. He actually does well online so far

Volcarona- rash @???
Evs 252sat 252spd 4hp
Bug buzz

I like this bug. But I think I need to replace it

Hydrudigon- modest @???
Evs 252sat 252spd 4hp
Dragon pulse
Hyper voice

I need to change all the attacks except dragon pulse. It just isn't working

I have 2 pokemon in reserve I can put in also

Spiritomb- relaxed @ leftovers
Evs- 252hp 100def 152sdf
Calm mind
Dark pulse
Double team

I might put him in for volcarona. Doesn't seem like too bad of a mixed wall

Shuckle impish @???
Evs- 252hp 252sdf 4hp
Double team

This one I'm not so sure about but who knows

I also need new items for my pokemon and where to get them. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to help