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    Default Gravity - A Heavy Stall Team - Still needs help!

    Greetings! First let me thank you for stopping by my thread, as I'm sure that your constructive criticism will be well received (and remember, this team is for the OU tier)!

    As a competitive battler I tend to look for strange battling strategies, or themes, and see what I can make of them. One team-style that has always intrigued me, due to its rare use and what not, is when a team bases itself around the field effect: Gravity. Never have I been confronted with a Gravity based team, and many find it too gimmicky. But I see it as an opportunity to catch people by surprise.

    Despite what I intended, this team has become very heavy stall, even bringing me to use the all-powerful pink behemoth, Blissey. Despite that Stall is my favorite strategy to use in game, I've never once used this beast due to the fact that I prefer to take the road less traveled.. but here I am hopping on the band wagon and beginning to ramble! So let's take a look at the team below!

    The team began with me looking at two users of the move Gravity as well as two Pokemon that just scream to be walls:

    Blissey is the Queen of all that is Specially Defensive (though she is struggling to keep her title with the little Princess of all that is Specially Defensive gunning for her title) and Dusclops's typing and stats compliment her splendidly. Both Pokemon are able to set up Gravity, support their teams, and abuse Gravity when the time calls for it. However, due to the fact that I do not have a WishBliss, due to their rarity and the fact that I play solely on the DSi, I had to find myself a Wish Passer to help keep my two-Pokemon core alive. I settled on a Pokemon that has yet to fail me:

    Vaporeon is a wonderful Bulky Water and is able to pass large Wishes, so he fills my need with no complaints. Vaporeon also has access to a 10% accurate (under Gravity) Blizzard and Hydro Pump, though I chose to use Scald over it's usual stab option in order to cripple Physical Threats and better help my team stall them out. However, Vaporeon still has that powerful Blizzard to take out any Grass types that come in to ruin my fun. In my efforts to find another Pokemon to abuse Gravity, I had many recommendations to use Heatran, and while I wanted to use a mixed set, I ended up settling upon an interesting Specially Defensive version. So far that totals me out at two Special walls and two Physical.

    The last thing my team needs is entry hazard support, as well as a spinner and someone to help support Blissey and Dusclops with keeping Gravity up. So the next pair of Pokemon I want to introduce are:

    I chose to split up my spikers for a few reasons. First, if one goes down I'd prefer to not have my entire plans foiled. Second, I ended up fighting with Four Moveslot Syndrome on Forretress and needed to keep Toxic Spikes from his moveset and throw it onto another Pokemon. And lastly, in case my solo spiker, who would have been Forretress, goes down I need someone able to mop up Toxic Spikes, which besides Heatran and Forretress thanks to their immunity will continue to screw up my attempts to stall. Now, for the actual movesets.

    Blissey @ Leftovers
    - Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
    - Ability: Serene Grace
    - EV's: 252 Def, 252 SpD, 4 HP
    - Softboiled
    - Gravity
    - Aromatherapy
    - Thunder/Fire Blast/Sing (unlikely to get use, but worth a mention)

    Notes: Shocking! I decided to go without Natural Cure due to the fact that Blissey's 100% accurate move of choice will now have a greater chance at causing status to foes (particularly those that are immune to Poison Spikes/Toxic). Combine that with the fact that Blissey already acts as a cleric making Natural Cure redundant. Yes, that does mean I can't pull Blissey out in an emergency and have her cured of status, but I personally feel that this is a better ability based on the situation. Lastly, Blissey draws in Fighting attacks which can be sponged for no damage thanks to a simple switch to Dusclops.

    Dusclops @ Eviolite
    - Nature: Impish (+Def, -SpA)
    - Ability: Pressure
    - EV's: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 SpD
    - Gravity
    - Pain Split
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Seismic Toss

    Notes: The second half to my core, and my spin blocker. Dusclops pairs almost perfectly with Blissey, his other weaknesses covered by Forretress and Heatran. My second Gravity user, and abuser, Dusclops' primary goal is to help keep my Fighting-weak team stable and keep my entry hazards on the field. Once Gravity is up he can either switch out to any other Pokemon that is better suited to check, counter, etc the opposing Pokemon or stay in and fire Earthquakes for neutral coverage on nearly everything. Finally, if I can't quite switch out to get a Wish passed my way, Dusclops can Pain Split for health or burn a foe before going down. After doing just one, yes one calculation it's clear that Seismic Toss is definitely the better option. I'm disappointed in losing out against all Ghost-Types, but compared to doing ~54 damage to most targets... yeah.

    Vaporeon @ Leftovers
    - Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
    - Ability: Water Absorb
    - EV's: 248 HP, 252 Def, 8 SpD
    - Wish
    - Roar/Protect
    - Scald
    - Blizzard

    Notes: My Wish Passer. Vaporeon's goal is to keep everyone else healthy. Not that he can't do anything else.. but that was the original use for Vaporeon on the team. When not keeping his team healthy and happy, Vaporeon can phase out Pokemon to spread entry hazard damage, Scald foes with stab damage and a fair chance to burn physical threats, or fire off 100% accurate Blizzards. Though Vaporeon has some attacking options, his EV spread and immunity to water attacks via Water Absorb are obviously more aligned to a defensive Pokemon than an offensive one.

    Heatran @ Leftovers
    - Nature: Calm
    - Ability: Flash Fire
    - EV's: 252 HP, 252 SpD, 4 Def
    - Toxic
    - Magma Storm
    - Earth Power
    - Roar

    Notes: Heatran gives me a valuable asset: an immunity to Fire-Type attacks that will be lured in like nobodies business thanks to Forretress and Roserade. He also acts as either a trapper, snagging a Pokemon with a perfect accuracy Magma Storm which will keep them held in battle for 2-5 turns as well as hitting for massive damage, or abusing Gravity with his other attack: Earth Power (stealing pokemon's immunities to Ground via Gravity). When he isn't sponging resisted special attacks, poisoning foes when Gravity isn't in effect he can effectively be phasing enemies with Roar. Honestly, I'd love it if I got a different Heatran moveset suggested to me.. though I don't want to get rid of him as a whole as it would leave me horribly weak to any Fire-Type attack...

    Forrestress @ Shed Shell
    - Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
    - Ability: Sturdy
    - EV's: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 SpA
    - Spikes
    - Gravity
    - Rapid Spin
    - Zap Cannon

    Notes: Forretress, one half of my entry hazards. Spikes are amazing in Gravity since they hit every Pokemon while the effect is on the field. That means I can even come in on Pokemon I resist, begin setting up hazards, and once I'm done toss out a Gravity to tear my foes from the sky and smash them upon my Spikes. Rapid Spin is there to keep Toxic Spikes off the field when Roserade hasn't already absorbed them. With the addition of Zap Cannon comes a mixed blessing. I now have a better chance of combating Taunt Gyarados, as I can come in and nail him hard for a x4 Super Effective move, which will also paralyze him.. meaning I might get to 2HKO (I need to do some calculations). And yes, after doing some calculations (using the Smogon damage calculator) I do 54% to Gyarados, which means I get a 2HKO if paralysis kicks in and they can't heal by any means..

    Roserade @ Focus Sash
    - Nature: Calm
    - Ability: Natural Cure
    - EV's: 236 HP, 160 SpD, 112 Spe
    - Toxic Spikes
    - Sleep Powder/Venoshock
    - Giga Drain
    - Rest

    Notes: The final member of my team, and second half of my entry hazards. Roserade's job is to come in and either Sleep an opponent so that I can begin setting Toxic Spikes, or forgo the Sleep Powder and begin Spiking. When things look grim, I can either switch out of the fight and try passing a Wish later on, Giga Drain if for some reason a Bulky Water (or something else I'll deal significant damage to with Giga Drain) has come in to try and stop me, or Rest and let Natural Cure wake me up once I'm out of harms way. Focus Sash is there in case all I get to do is switch in, Sleep someone, and Rest on the switch.

    Now, there are many things wrong with my team.. I know this. One of the main issues I see is that I have one, yes count them, one physical attacker.. if you can call him that. Dusclops holds the only physical move, Earthquake, on my team. Again, I'm aiming at Heavy Stall.. so this isn't a humongous issue so long as I can take down the enemy with Toxic, Toxic Spikes, and Spikes damage. What would be ideal is if I found a mixed Heatran set, or if someone could recommend one to me, as to keep my team as balanced as it is (or as I believe it to be) but pack a bit more punch in the physical department. I also have no experience fighting Reuniclus, and I know it to be a vicious stall breaker. So any suggestions to get around that nuisance would be loved.

    While I am not looking forward to changing the Pokemon on this team too much, I am flexible and willing (and eager) to take constructive criticism. So please, be kind and lets see how good we can make this team.

    Also, as a heads up, advice is appreciated from those that have no experience with the Gravity playstyle.. but I will take your advice with a grain of salt.. as far too many dismiss the move as Gimmicky simply because they don't have the patience, experience, or understanding of the move itself.

    New Section: Optional Team Members

    Honestly, there are some Pokemon that I'd love to switch in.. however they are either almost impossible to get legitimately on the handheld systems (WishBliss), rare or unable to find breedable (many Dream World Pokemon at the moment), or have some other factor keeping me from immediately putting them onto my team. So until I'm able to make these changes, they will be added below.

    Dragonite @ Leftovers
    - Nature: Careful
    - Ability: Multiscale
    - EV's: 252 HP, 252 SpD, 4 Spe
    - Substitute
    - Roost
    - Dragon Tail
    - Protect/Thunder Wave/Toxic

    - Multiscale and Dragon typing gives Dragonite amazing bulk, when not facing Dragon- or Ice-Type moves, which are handled by Forretress with ease.
    - Continues to provide the Fire-Type resist that Heatran, the Pokemon he'd replace, offered.
    - Able to phase, heal himself, protect from status, and spread status with ease.

    - Fire-Type immunity turns into a resist.
    - Multiscale is screwed by entry hazards (at least until I can Roost back up), though that can be remedied as long as Forretress is still alive.
    - Can no longer trap, though this isn't a huge concern.
    - Dragonite's purpose is to resist the attacks being directed at Roserade and Forretress (mainly Fire-Types), however if an Ice-Type attack is used instead Dragonite will take far too much damage.

    Would Replace: Heatran
    Waiting On: Getting my hands on a female Dream World Dratini-Dragonair-Dragonite, or a Careful Male version of the same Pokemon.

    Changes in BOLD.
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