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Thread: My be named something else at a later date (Rated PG-13...for now)

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    Default My be named something else at a later date (Rated PG-13...for now)

    So I originally intended to post my story I made based on Watership Down...but I realized it was too short so I scrapped it...and came up with this original story...I hope you enjoy it

    Note:This story shall involve the usage of Illuminati...Illuminati symbols...and it may later on in it include more usage of things such as politics and war


    Chapter 1
    Contains one instance of blood used...not very graphic...and one death due to it
    “Erin! Pack your bag...It’s time to go to school!” She yelled,she was always like that on Mondays...complete ***** that not even the devil himself would take her for themselves.This was why she was single.Then again...who am I to say that.I chuckled to myself,but a sudden
    “Now!!!” woke me up from my daydream.I picked up my bag and walked out of the door.Ready for another day at school.

    I walked down the usual path...Roeper Street to my seemingly usual school,but there was something stranger about today than ever.It was the first day back for me after two months in Singapore.The way I usually go was usually filled with the usual teenage kids.Today,however,all I saw was closed curtains in the houses,an empty pathway that I was following...and the most interesting thing that had changed.On every door...on every fence...on the pathway in graffiti...there were triangles.Not normal triangles...these triangles had...what looked to be eyes,right in the center of them...I didn’t know what this meant,but I did know that it wasn’t there before,and that I was trembling due to the new sight.I cautiously walked to the end of the road,looking behind me as I left it to it’s own emptiness.

    School normal,and everyone went to their classes. I was glad that all my friends had remembered me even though my lengthy absence allowed me to forget them, admittedly.However,now they seemed different.They seemed...quieter,as if something had happened to them.Erin being the person he was,decided to ask them what the problem was.

    Erin walked up to his best friend,Sidney, and asked him what had happened.Sid looked down towards the ground,looked back at his friend and said,secretively
    “The people on Roeper street were kicked out by people wearing robes...and now the street is filled with Illuminati symbols.We know who they are,we just...are too scared to walk down the road in case one of them comes out of their houses and takes us in...hell,most of us are scared even just to talk about it.” I was fairly clueless as to what he meant,but I guessed the triangles were the symbols he were talking about.But what was the Illuminati? And why had they taken over Roeper Street? I shuddered at the thoughts of what happened to the people kicked out of their houses...and what they might have become.

    The day then went on as usual.I talked to friends,did my schoolwork and played some football...I wasn’t good at it but it was something to do,okay. I walked home,this time evading Roeper Street.It took me fifteen minutes longer to get home,but it was worth it if the “Illuminati” were there.

    As I walked throu
    gh the door,I saw an ambulance park up by our door.I puzzled myself with what had happened on the our road that made them come.Then I saw them coming into my house.It wasn’t me who needed help...but there was only one other person in the house that could have been injured.Mother!

    I ran inside and screamed
    “Mother!” at the top of my lungs,all I heard was my almost silent echo,and the footsteps of the medics retrieving her.When they came past I caught a glimpse of her.She looked like something horrific had happened to her.Blood was pouring from her open stomach and her mouth.She looked close to lifeless.A tear left my eye as I realised that I would be alone.

    I took a taxi to the hospital.But by then it was too late.My mother had gone to join my father,in Heaven,due to blood loss.I fell to my knees and started weeping like a little baby.I felt enraged,I wanted to spend just one more minute with tell her that no matter however much I said she was the devil’s favourite my mind...and in my heart,she was an angel,sent down from God to help people with their problems.

    I walked home,in the rain.The rain explained how I felt,the water merging with my tears.Now I had to deal with life by myself...I walked inside,at about 10 PM...feeling weak from the journey,soaked now in rainwater.I walked into my room and stared at the ceiling...remembering how me and my mother had painted it to resemble the starry sky...that we both loved so much. I knew that no matter what I would keep my problems to myself. I fell asleep,soaking and dreams making me feel more peaceful than I had all day.

    When I awoke,I turned my head to face the wall...there was a note there.I didn’t notice it in the darkness the night before...but I saw it now...I looked at the was a notice about my mother.Suddenly I became entranced by it...I began to read what the whole letter said

    Dead Erin,
    This is not your mother writing...but this is someone who got to know her very well...however,i’m not her friend...i’m just a person who met her once...only ever...once...but I have to say for a normal woman...a woman without a motif...a woman without meaning....she was a good victim...and she played her part very well...for this...I thank her...then again...I can’t say it in person anymore...can I? Anyway...onto the matter at are nothing but a young boy...with no idea about the reality of the world around you...yet...near this note you will see a pendant,it has a message in it that you might recognize...but maybe not. I am of course not going to spoil it...and now I leave you with this one piece of information...I am not going to harm you...yet...I am not going to speak to you again for a while...I will also not be revealing anything else to you.

    This note made me angry...and left me puzzled....what did he mean...who was he...and why did he kill my mother? Whatever the answers...I vowed to find out...and I am going to make sure that my mother will be avenged.Even if it leads to my downfall.

    I looked to the side of the note...sure enough...the pendant was there.It was shaped like a rectangle...I opened it like he asked me to.What came was something more shocking than not.It was one simple word that made me feel like this man had escalated his crime from being horrific to repulsive...horrific...malicious....and bitter.

    The one very simple word in the pendant...was a word that I understood the meaning to.The word was very simply...”Killuminati.”

    I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm. To feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow. To feel inspired. To fathom the power. To witness the beauty. To bathe in the fountain. To swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.

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    Lol, you forgot to space in between your sentences :P

    Otherwise, I like it, even though I really don't know what the illuminate is!
    The lost story...

    Chapter one is finally out!

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    Oh right i'll remember to space it out XD
    But I am glad you liked it

    I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm. To feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow. To feel inspired. To fathom the power. To witness the beauty. To bathe in the fountain. To swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.

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