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So because it's slightly more common now it's banned? That makes no sense, is Drought/Chlorophyll banned too? How about Snow Warning/Ice Body? Sandstream/Sand Rush?

That's so stupid, it completely neuters the ability! If all that you're going to be able to do with it is boost your own Surf, you may as well run Water Absorb instead because of risk of Thunder!
No. Only Drizzle + Swift Swim is banned, because it is so common with many rain sweepers (Qwilfish, Gorebyss, Huntail, Kabutops, etc).

Drizzle + Rain Dish / Hydration / Dry Skin
Drought + Chlorophyll / Dry Skin / Solar Power / Leaf Guard
Snow Warning + Snow Cloak / Ice Body
Sand Stream + Sand Rush / Sand Force / Sand Veil

Are all legal. Basically, anything that's NOT Drizzle + Swift Swim is legal.
I believe you are still allowed to use the actual move Rain Dance, with Swift Swim.