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Thread: PokemonRoss's Banner Bazaar!

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    Default PokemonRoss's Banner Bazaar!

    Hi and welcome to PokemonRoss's Banner Bazaar!

    I am: currently not accpeting requests!!

    Current Projects:
    -Satori's Banner

    I'm an aspiring graphic design student with some basic skills in photoshop, so i figured i'd help you guys out using my skills to make some nifty little banners

    Once I Have a banner made I will PM YOU, so don't spam the thread asking where it is and can you please allow at least one day for me to complete it, (though it may be quicker than this depending on complexity).


    -Banners must be within regulation with Serebii Forum's signature sizing rules.
    -You must Use the Form provided when asking for a banner
    -I'm only one person so i can't be making like a gazzillion banner's at once, so if you see that I have a current project (Displayed above) then please refraine from posting until that slot is empty.
    -Continual asking for a banner whilst i am currently working on a project will result in a strike
    -Continual stupid requests will result in a strike
    -Spamming will result in a strike
    -3 strikes and YOOOOOUUUUR OUT. or just banned from my shop.
    -All other Serebii Forum Rules also apply!

    Examples of my Work:

        Spoiler:- My Work:

        Spoiler:- Form:


    "Thanks it is amazing!!
    Anyone who is thinking about a banner this is the guy to go to: Amazingly quick and great quality!" - Tyranitar Terror

    "seriously if you need a banner done you should get ross to do it he is quick friendly and not to mention very good he even gives you help if you dont know how to put your banner in your sig. If in doubt just send him a message and see what he can do!" - Uprockingdude

    Thanks, it's amazing! Completed quickly, Plus you're just a good person. This is a good shop. - Umbreon9

    Great job on my Banner, and thanks a bunch! I'd recommend this guy to anyone who needs a Banner, and quick, too! 5 Stars. - The Ram

    Bans And Strikes

    Strike List:

    Ban List

    Also... remember to give credit if you use my banner's please
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