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Thread: Chilisex91's Vault 101 Trading Thread

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    Default Chilisex91's Vault 101 Trading Thread

    Howdy! Welcome to Leova's Vault 101 Trading Thread. This is the first time i am attempting something like this so bare with me!


    1.All Serebii Forum Trade Forum Rules apply!

    2. No hacks.

    3. Be honest. No one likes liars. :P

    4. Be patient, i will reply to all of the requests.

    5. Please post on here, don't PM me. (Only PM me if i havent gotten back to you on your trade.)

    6. Most importantly, have fun! It's just a game

    [I][B]NOTE: All of my events are now on my Black Version.

    I am very lenient towards trades but not to the point where its generosity!
    I also clone my pokemon, i don't know how someone can have a trade thread without cloning, so if you're against it, sorry, don't trade here.
    i won't post IV's because it's a hassle, but if you want to know what they are, just ask, ill tell ya!

    Also, if i forget about your trade, please remind me! I run two trade shops so its only normal

    White List:

    Black List:

    Pending Trades:

    I can IV breed up to two stats. I dont like doing RNG abuse... :P
    I can also EV train your pokemon. I can do it within a day if i'm not busy.

    The Pokemon

        Spoiler:- Eggmove Pokemon::

        Spoiler:- Dream World Pokemon::

        Spoiler:- Events::

        Spoiler:- Dream World Events::

        Spoiler:- Shinies/ Flawless::

    I'm mainly looking for Gen V events i don't have. UPDATE: im not looking for shinies anymore because i found out how to do them myself.

    Im interested in all dream world pokemon and events i don't have. i will offer high for them!

    Have Fun and catch em all!
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