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    My apologies, but we are CLOSED until further notice...

    Currently we offer a limited selection, but we plan to expand our repertoire. The three main services we offer are as follows: Itemizing Pokemon; Altering the type of Pokemon; as well as trainer cards. All requests must be done through the proper channels by use of these forms.

    Rules, as a necessity to any establishment, must be set down before giving examples of the work in question.

    1. All rules of the primary establishment of the SPPF domain apply.
    2. Incorrect filing of a form will result in a warning.
    3. The improper filling of this establishment with meaningless drivel will result in a warning. A single post is allowed to each patron per request in which to communicate any feelings of gratitude in return for the completion of their request.
    4. After the receipt of three warnings, an individual will be banned from this establishment.
    5. The establishment reserves the right to reject requests for any reason.
    6. The use of common speech, chat speak, L33t speak, or any other substandard variation of speech, is highly punishable.
    7. The use of swearing, cursing, or other such expletives is equally punishable.
    8. The establishment reserves the right to alter, amend, or add rules at any time.

    ~>)Current Requests(<~

    Low Priority
    :~)Current Extended Projects(~:

    And, the sorrowful list of those who have been warned.

    Now that the guidelines have been laid out, I introduce the work I offer.


    These are, at their simplest, showing the item a Pokemon holds. Useful for group shots, or just as reference.

        Spoiler:- Itemization Form:


    Self explanatory, simply a preexisting Pokemon given attributes of a type different from its own.

        Spoiler:- Reelement Form:

    And for the finale, trainer cards. These are by our own design, so please refrain from stealing the design or style.

    A note, for those who wish it. If the trainer card is supposed to have a false friend code, we will not use the standard of simply zeroes, we will use a randomized number, so as to lend credibility to the card.

        Spoiler:- Trainer Card Form:

    Thank your for taking the time to peruse our humble establishment. We hope you find our wares to be useful, and sincerely hope you will request an object.
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