Double and Triple Whimsicott

EVs HP 76/Sp.Atk 252/ Spd 180
@ Heat Rock

-Sunny Day
-Solarbeam/Leech Seed/Toxic
-Leech Seed/Toxic

Very straight forward. Whimsicott sets up Sunny Day and Leech Seeds/Toxics the opponent and stalls until death. Or it can Leech Seed/Toxic the ooponent stalls but finishes it off with STAB Solarbeam. Prankster is a MUST. EVs can be thrown anywhere as Prankster gives Whismicott priority, but if you run Solarbeam 252 Sp. Att is a must. Heat Rock extends the sun which is valiable for Solarbeam. This set is good for in-game where Drought Ninetails is not realised yet.

Now this is why this set is valiable for Doubles and Triples. Whimsicott and its White counterpart, Lilligant go together like bread and butter. Now because of Whimsicott's prority Sunny Day, Lilligant can completly destroy the opposing team with its STAB Solarbeam and hit right after Whimsicott because of Chorophylls Speed raising-ness.

Fire types, Chorophyll and Solar Power users can take advantage of the free sun with there blistering Speed or just powerful Attacks to rip the opposing team to pieces. They all work well because Fire Types will cover Whismicotts rarely seen but no doubt annoying Bug Weakness while Whimsicott can Solarbeam any Rock, Water or Grund types comming to OHKO your Fire type.


Tyranitar, Hippowdon and Politoad all switch in and ruin the sun with there abilities. Wrong prediction with a Fire type can leave Whismicott burned or KOed. Weavile with max Speed can knock a STAB Ice Shard at Whimsicott. Reunicles is just a counter for all stallers.