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Thread: Please read this thread if you have an issue with any 5th gen POTW

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    Default Please read this thread if you have an issue with any 5th gen POTW

    if you have any suggestions, be they improvements, fixes for typos and errors, anything, please hit me up with a pm, and I'll ask serebii to make the changes when he isn't busy. I'm on the IRC channel all the time, so if you wanted instant messaging talk to me on there, but my pm box is always free, so any fixes or anything, just say.

    thanks for reading and getting involved, all that good stuff.

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    Just a note, Reno is unable to use the internet for the forseeable future so I, with help from a couple of friends, shall be compiling the articles for the time being. If there are any issues, let me know on here.


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    .. I guess I'll update this. Since I'm (at least temporarily) taking over the POTW if anyone wants to try and update some of the older POTW you can PM any changes to me and I'll review (if approved I'll get Serebii to update it).

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