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OK, stop beating around the bush. Any evolutions?
Okay. I just thought I'd keep everybody in suspense. Basically, here's my little sum up of the battle:

It's Four vs. Four... with each trainer using all four at a time! This is the first time it's happened, I believe. Adan is using Seaking, Sealeo, Luvdisc and Kingdra, while Ash uses Pikachu, Corphish, Snorunt and Grovyle. All four Pokemon trade blows back and forth for a while, before Snorunt uses what appears to be Ice Beam on Kingdra, stopping it in his/her tracks. With that, Adan loses his composture and starts to sweat... but he has a secret weapon to finish off Ash.

-Commercial Break-

After the break, we see Adan once again, smiling to himself. He cooly orders his Seaking to smash open the block of ice that Kingdra is in, which is spookily floating in the water. With Kingdra out, he tells Ash that he's about to administer the 'coup de grace' to his Pokemon. He orders all of his Pokemon to use a similtationous Hyper Beam! Ash is shocked at such a drastic move, and tries to tell his Pokemon to dodge, but can't do so in time... there's an explosion, and after a few seconds of waiting, the smoke clears and...


Adan is shocked by this shock evolution, and tries to command another Hyper Beam assualt, but his Pokemon need to recharge! Using this to his advantage, Ash orders Sceptile to slice the water surronding the Pokemon in two, but Sceptile is having none of it... because Sceptile has just fused with Crawdaunt to form Crawtile! Now being an Uber Fused Pokemon, Crawtile fires a Kolepto Beam at Adan's Pokemon, destroying them!

Everybody, including Team Rocket who is spying outside of the Gym cheers! And in all the excitement, everybody's Pokemon evolves, Misty appears and confesses her love for Ash, before having a cat fight with May, Gary appears and challenges Ash to a battle, having given up his scientist lifestyle, and Ritchie appears, showing Ash that he also has a Crawtile. He then dies.



Nobody knows what has happened yet. I'm sure we will soon, though, when somebody who has seen the episode appears or the episode pictures are up.