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Thread: Possible Pokemon X & Y Sequels (Pokemon Z and I)

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    Default Possible Pokemon X & Y Sequels (Pokemon Z and I)

    I hope I put this in the right place...

    anyway, for the origional link and almost right away feedback from me see this link

    Its about my speculations for 2 new sequel games.

    Here it is:

    It amazes me how the originals of the game have not even been released yet and we already have speculations about this ;P . Anyway i have some facts why there probably is a Pokemon Z and what the possible legendary is.

    <b><u>The Base for the X, Y, & Z Names</u></b>
    First off is the speculation of (the game being 3d and all) its based off the <b>THREE</b> Dimensions in math for depth X axis, Y axis, and Z Axis. :nod: As seen in the artwork below. <-(Hope that worked :P )

    If the 3d speculation is true then The game will be Pokemon Z! :joyfull:

    <b><u>The Years/History for 3rd game releases</u></b>
    Next is the years, and history. Every non-remake game has had a 3rd sequel were the storyline, Pokemon, and characters change Just slightly.(But enough to make us suckers buy them :facepalm These games are normally released about 1-2 years after the normal release. look below.
    <i>Red/Blue in 1998 - Yellow in 1999
    Gold/Silver in 2000 - Crystal in 2001
    Ruby/Sapphire in 2003 - Emerald in 2005 (with the release of the first remakes FireRed/LeafGreen in between)
    Diamond/Pearl in 2007 - Platinum in 2009
    Black/White in 2011 - Black2/White2 in 2012
    X/Y in 2013 - ?(Z)?/?(I)? in 2013-14 </i> (Ill get to why it'd be I later )

    <b><u>Pokemon I & C theories</b></u>
    If Nintendo continues to release sequel games in pairs (that i personally think is a good idea) There would have to be another letter. assuming Both my other theories are correct that would mean it would have something to do with Math, and with the 3d axis' That means there are only 2 letters that even come close to fitting. C and I, C standing for the circumference of a circle, used in 3d planes found with the X, Y and Z axis'
    and then I (which is more likely) Because it stands for <b>I</b>mmagionary, (In algebra 2) its used to find the area of a 3d shape that overlaps out of one of the axis' the area outside the 3 axis' is knows as the Imaginary Plane hence I.

    <b><u>The Legendaries</b></u>
    Y stands for the Norse Mythology creature the Eagle at the top of the tree
    X stands for the Norse Mythology creature the Deer or Stag in the middle
    Z stands for the Norse Mythology creature the snake at the bottom
    I stands for the Norse Mythology creature the Squirrel who has no part of the tree, running up and down delivering messages.

    So because the squirrel has no defined place it would be I, just as the I stands for imaginary place. instead of C that has value. that's why i think I

    Please read the stuff, its got reasons and feel free to leave your own reason.

    i lack emotocons this time arround ;P :stinkeye:

    I just copied this from my DA journal (I thought it needed a place here aswell) I am the first person to come up with the I theory so don't claim it!
    Share it though.

    and again for almost instant and Guaranteed feedback from me, comment on my DA Journal.
    My PKMN Team

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    I agree but I do however like your statement

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    We don't allow speculation for games that may or may not exist, sorry

    But you can discuss about possible legendaries in the legendary discussion/speculation thread of the X/Y subforum

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