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Thread: Team help in White

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    Default Team help in White

    Durant - impish - Hustle
    --Iron Head
    --Aerial Ace
    --Rock Slide

    Absol - careful - Pressure
    --Night Slash
    --Psycho Cut
    --Me First

    Scrafty - relaxed - Moxie
    --Hi Jump Kick
    --Head Smash

    Chandelure - bashful - Flame Body
    --Energy Ball
    --Shadow Ball

    Metagross - hardy - Clear Body
    --Zen Headbutt
    --Hyper Beam
    --Meteor Mash

    Heracross - naughty - Swarm
    --Close Combat
    --Brick Break

    I know this team needs a lot of work. I can't decide which fighting move to replace on heracross or with what. Absol is a mess, I'd like to drop her completely. Durant is my boss, although any fire type move drops him like a rock. I've got 3 pokemon weak to fire, I realize that. Suggestions? I'm just trying to find a good mix to grind the E4 and Alder. I haven't beat them post-story yet.
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    Adamant from 4th gen with Fury Cutter and Thunderpunch

    Anything not listed under wants (minus legendaries).
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    Absol wants Aerial Ace/Megahorn and Sword dance over detect and me first

    Rock Slide/Stone Edge over Head smash and Bulk Up/Dragon Dance over Facade for Scrafty

    Chandelure should has Calm mind over Psychic

    Earthquake is a must for Metagross to cover fire weakness, Bullet Punch over Meteor mash if you want speed priority. And maybe Ice Punch/Hammer Arm over Agility

    Hera wants stone edge over earthquake

    I see, maybe you need some water types for your team, but I can't suggest thing :/

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    Your team looks like it shares to many common weaknesses, namely Fire.
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