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Thread: Shiny Subway Team

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    wrong one.

    Default Shiny Subway Team

    I have a few shinies that I thought I'd turn into a Subway Team.....I KNOW they're not the best, but they're shiny dammit! So no, can't change the natures.

    They're also 100% pure and completely un-EVed.....not sure their IVs, though, or what their element is's Secret Power, right?

    Timid Bibarel
    Attack/HP Evs
    Mystic Water

    Thunder Wave

    Quirky Pansear
    Attack/Speed EVs

    Shadow Claw
    Return/Hone Claws/Toxic

    Serious Lillipup
    Attack/Speed EVs

    Aerial Ace
    Fire/Thunder/Ice Fang

    I REALLY don't know much about competitive teams....I normally just pick Pokemon I like, use the first one I find, and go with it through the games....this is essentially the same thing, just with shinies.

    This may be relevant....the Bidoof is still in Gen IV.....if that makes any difference.

    Any opinions you're willing to give would be VERY appreciated.

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    you should add your move sets. Its hard to tell what your coverage is.

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    He has sets there already, unless he managed a ninja edit in the minute between your post and when I got here.

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    My bad it was hard to tell with the way its written out. I just quickly glanced at it and thought it was a team of 6. lol. This is my suggestion. But its really just my opinion.

    I dont know if leftovers is worth it on lilpup. Aerial ace probably isnt worth carrying around. Even if you use it against a fighting type that is x2 weak thats like 120 power while stab return is like 154ish. Aerial ace would only really be useful against x4 weakness like heracross.

    Lilpup @ Choice Band/Life Orb
    Serious 252 Atk 252 Spe 4 HP
    -Crunch (Ghost coverage) SE vs ghost/psychic Resisted by dark/steel/fighting
    -Return (Stab) Resisted by rock/steel
    -Fire Fang (Steel Coverage) SE vs Steel/Grass/Ice Resisted by ground/rock/water/fire
    -Wild Charge (Water/Flying Coverage) SE Water/Flying Resisted by Ground/Grass/electric

    If you are trying to go a bulky route with Bibarel you could try either of these 2. Curse since its already fairly slow. Could either go Atk or Def EVs, depends on if you want to live longer or kill more efficiently. SpD can substitute for Def EVs if you want to be able to handle special and physical well.

    Bibarel @ Left Overs
    Timid 252 HP 252 Atk 4 Def
    -Waterfall (Stab)
    -Return (Stab)
    -Curse (Yawn then curse while they sleep)
    Bibarel @ Lum Berry
    Timid 252 HP 252 Def 4 Atk
    -Curse (Stat boost and then rest + lum berry to fully heal)

    Hone claws isnt all that important since it doesn't need accuracy that much. Work up would be better. Allows to boost SpA and Atk since you seems like you want it more of mixed attacker. Shadow claw and crunch are redundant nearly the same coverage, crunch being overall better. Return not that great since you got 2 pokemon with return already and toxic probably wont help since it really cant stall anyway.

    Pansear @Life Orb
    Quirky Attack/Speed EVs
    Flamethrower (Stab) SE Ice/Steel/Grass Resisted Ground/Rock/Water/Fire
    Crunch SE Ghost/Psychic Resisted by Steel/FIghting/Dark
    Work Up (Stat Boost)
    Will O Wisp (to burn)
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