Team Awesome I mean Team Rocket are so awesome. I knew they were going to make this episode great for me and they did. This Team Rocket feels to me like they really caught the Yin Yang theme. Before they were nothing but jokers(Yin), then in Best Wishes they got serious(Yang) and now they are a mix of the two(Yin Yang), making them perfect for me. I was a little worried when Ash and that was fighting back, thought Team Rocket may blast off...they did blast off in the end but yet again with rocket packs and not a Thunderbolt so that's great. I hope they never change.

Yamask and Woobat are awesome. I never really saw James' or Jessie's Pokemon as weak before but Yamask and Woobat really seem like they are stronger then their previous Pokemon, I suppose with less focus on being comedic aspects of the show their Pokemon can be stronger. Yamask reveals it's Night Shade which looked cool.

Now other stuff. Ash and Cilan weren't focused on much this episode, Ash got a battle but Druddigon got my attention more then Ash and Tepig. Ash also had a battle with Scraggy against Axew, weak vs weak is rather funny for me so I liked that but it wasn't really remember-able. Cilan...I don't really remember him saying much at all, it's a shame but at less Jessie, James, and Meowth got some attention.

Druddigon seemed like a cool Pokemon in here, I wouldn't mind someone with one if it ever happens.

Iris has some flashback about that old women again, not sure what was said but probably had to do with Axew. She also seems to be using her "sixth sense" to find Axew and Druddigon.

Emmy...or whatever the female's name is, didn't really seem that interesting to me, Iris took away her spotlight for me, which is probably for the best since development is better then getting to know a one time character(Unless Emmy shows up again, I'm not expecting her to though).

Finally Axew, it mastered Dragon more Dragon Sneeze what a cruel world oh well. It was pretty cool this episode.

Overall this was a nice episode for me.