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    Default Jason's Pokéshop

    Jason's Pokéshop
    Welcome to my super special awesome trade shop, I hope you find what you are looking for (Ctrl+F is your friend) but first things first, the rules

        Spoiler:- UPDATES:

    Please make sure you read it all as it’ll make trades and the likes go much more smoothly

    1- All SPPF rules and Trade forum rules apply here, this thread is not to be a lawlessness playground

    2- You can post in this thread or PM me and I leave that choice up to you (preferably here first) but three things

    a) Try to post any quick questions or queries you have in here as you'd get a faster response than if you were to PM me with the same question

    b) If you do PM me please make the title of your PM the name of the Pokémon you want (e.g. EV GARDEVOIR) or “TRADE” if you want more than one Pokémon from me

    c) Do not delete the conversation (leave all text in the Quick Reply Box intact) as it makes it easier to have a conversation via PM

    3- Have patience- I will try to respond to all of your PMs as soon as possible but please understand that things may happen in my life or that I’m in the process of trading/EV training/IV Breeding so if I don’t respond straight away there’s no need to send me repeat PMs as I do actually reply to all of them

    4- I do not consider cloned Pokémon to be the same as hacked ones therefore I have no problem with you trading me them, just as you should probably expect me to have cloned most of mine. Do not trade me hacked Pokémon at all, I shouldn’t even have to type this as this falls under Rule 1.

    5- I will not trade you any Pokémon that I know to be hacked however if you do happen to find out that any Pokémon I traded you is hacked then feel free to PM me so I can get rid of that Pokémon from my lists and sort things out

    6- Trades will be conducted on both Gen IV (DPPtHGSS) and Gen V (BW) games. Most of my Pokémon are on the Gen IV games but if you want them on your Gen V games then I can and will Pokéshift them, it’s just easier for me to trade on Gen IV. My Friend code is in the signature, if we are trading on Gen IV use the Diamond FC, if we are trading on Gen V use the Black FC. There really isn’t a reason to ask my name or FC

    7- Please do not offer me Lv100 Pokémon which are flat out useless to me or legendary, shiny or event Pokémon (unless I’m looking for that specific one)

        Spoiler:- tl;dr version of rules:

    Okay, have you read the rules? Or at least skimmed through them? Good, now I suppose I best get on with what exactly it is I have to offer. What I’m offering is split into 4 sections (EV’d Pokémon, Non EV’d Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon and Events) so you should find the section that interests you and read the rules for that

    When you are done looking up what you want feel free to check out my Wants list as well

    EV Trained Pokémon
    Or: Roulette Battles? I’m crazy prepared for them

    -Pokémon are listed in alphabetical order
    -Pokémon will have the following format:

    -Pokémon Species
    -EVs (If known/any)
    -IVs (If known)
    -Ability (Only applies in cases where Pokémon have multiple abilities not counting Dream World abilities)

        Spoiler:- Rules and guidelines:

        Spoiler:- EV Trained:

    Non-EV Trained Pokémon
    Or: 31/31/31/31/31/30. Wait, 30? AUTO JUNK! Time to try again

    Most of this will be IV bred Pokémon I intend to EV train but of course if you’re quick enough you could snatch one of these for yourself while they are innocent and pure before I train them to be bloodthirsty battle warriors

    All will be at Lv1 unless stated otherwise

        Spoiler:- Non EV trained:

    Shiny Pokémon
    Or: Palette swaps for all Pokémon not named Garchomp

    Bleh, I was into collecting Shiny Pokémon last generation but not anymore but I do have quite a collection of shinies for those who are looking for some.
    I am pretty much done with shiny Pokémon and will not be dealing with them again so DO NOT offer me any shiny Pokémon as I’m not interested

    -Listed in National Dex order

        Spoiler:- Shiny Pokémon:

    Event Pokémon
    Or: Thanks to Wifi trading for making Event Pokémon more accessible

    Yes, yes I do have some event Pokémon, while not as impressive as some of the other trade shops here; I do have some that may interest you. As with shiny Pokémon I pretty much am done with events so avoid offering me events if you can.

    -All events are UT and listed in National Dex order

        Spoiler:- Event mons:

    My Wants
    Or: What do you give the person that has nearly everything?

    Now I know you’ll look at this list and think “This list really is specific” and yes you are right it is but that’s because I am looking for specific stuff. I’m well aware that many people just might not have this at all and that’s why it’s not a requirement for you to have any on this list if you want to trade with me.

    I can and will gladly trade with you if you do not have anything on this list but if you do have something I’m looking for then in your PMs along with telling me what you want, feel free to offer any of the Pokémon on my list

    If however, you don’t have anything on the list then you can trade me any junk Pokémon

    And don't forget:
    7- Please do not offer me Lv100 Pokémon which are flat out useless to me or legendary, shiny or event Pokémon (unless I’m looking for that specific one)

        Spoiler:- Gimme Gimme Gimme:

    I can also trade all items and TMs on Gen IV games, Pokéshift if need be aaaand that’s pretty much it and I hope to be able to help you in some way ^__^
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