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    Interested in: Jellicent- 18/28/31/31/31/31- Bold- Water Absorb (under Non-ev'd pokes)
    Have to offer: Modest/Timid Zorua UT with eggmove dark pulse
    PM me if interested.
    Last edited by Time_2_Shine; 11th May 2011 at 7:15 AM. Reason: Changed what I'm interested in
    Currently a member of The Shiny Hunter's Club
    Recent Shinies:
    M/M shiny Charmander in Platinum hatched after 777 eggs!
    SR Shiny Lugia in SoulSilver caught after 4,925 SRs!!!
    M/M for Shiny Zorua in White hatched after 619 eggs!
    Shiny Hunts:
    SRing for Suicune in SoulSilver (3,818 SRs--On Hold)
    SRing for Shiny Latias in SS (3,000 SRs)
    M/M for Shiny Shroomish in Platinum (335 eggs)
    *Trading away Zorua with the egg move dark pulse, PM me if interested!*
    Any suggestions? Thanks, T1M€_2_$H1NŁ
    Platinum Trading and Battling FC: 0044 9616 8058

    Credit goes to §Suicune§

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