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Thread: Fishy's Poke-Emporium

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    Cool Welcome to Fishy's Poke-Emporium

    This shop is advised to be viewed in the V9.0 forum style.

    Special thanks to Skiyomi for the banner, Virawl for the NyanNinetales, Nakashima for the Ninetales N, PikaPal_Lyra for the Poke fonts! Thanks to this site for the Nyan Cat (the post all the way in the bottom).

    Pokemon Black FC: 1119 9739 8739
    This shop works in conjunction with: Simba and Jeff's World of Pokemon, Muffin's Shiny Sea Shop, Gad's Trade shop, and Boby Mongoriums Wonder Emporeom. Give their shops a visit!
    League of shops ASSEMBLE!

    [Shop Status: Open-ish. Started school, click here for more info.]

    I DO NOT clone most of my shinies. However, I do clone most of my evens,
    Hi there! I'm Fishy (Mike) and I want to provide friendly service to all my customers~. This is mostly a shiny shop, and I have lots of "uncommon" shinies, so my shop is a great way to get those shinies that no one seems to have. However, I also stock in events, so there's something for everyone. Hopefully something in my shop will interest you and we can arrange a trade .

    The few, the annoying, the rules!
    1) All other SPPf and trade shop rules apply (impolite behavior, spamming, etc.). Strikes vary from 0-3 This also includes not trading/offering me hacks. Unintentionally: 0 strikes, Intentionally: Perma-ban (5 strikes)
    2) POST YOUR OFFERS HERE. DO NOT PM/VM ME WITH OFFERS. I will PM you once we've agreed on a trade. Also, DO NOT PM/VM ME ABOUT POSTING! Strikes vary from 1-2
    3) If you have proof that the Pokemon I traded you is hacked, a trade back can be arranged. If I no longer have your Poke, you may pick any Pokemon from my list in replacement.
    4) We all make mistakes. If I make a trade with you, and the information is incorrect, such as the Poke not being UT or having different IVs, PM/VM me and we'll arrange a trade-back/another trade.
    5) Trade Limitations:
    -I can and will ONLY trade on Generation 5. I might be able to trade on 4th generation for a cross-gen. trade later though (but I'll need to get more money for fillers).
    -I don't do file trades.
    6) Please be patient and don't spam me, I will get to you eventually. If I do not get back to you within 48 hours, re-post (unless I haven't been on in a while). Constant offense will result in 1-5 strikes
    7) Feel free to offer things outside of my want list. I consider every offer. Do not, however, make unreasonable offers. I don't want your Lillipup.
    8) These aren't all my Pokemon, I have more. Don't ask me for Pokemon outside of this list (items and regulars are an exception)(RNG requests DO NOT count towards this rule. I will tell you some other Pokemon I can offer if I choose to. One strike
    9) Use good grammar and act mature. At least try. Seriously. "i'm interested in your shiny ___" is good, but "I'm interested in your shiny ___." is even better. However, "im interested in ur shiny __" is NOT good. Constant offense will result in a strike.
    10) Like I said before, I do not clone my Pokemon most of the time. However, I am perfectly fine cloned and RNG'd Pokemon.
    11) Don't waste my time. This includes making a trade with me, then backing out; listing the Pokemon you're offering, even if you're not interested in anything in my shop; and suddenly changing our trade after we already agreed on one and I got the Pokes cloned. Sadly, all of these things happened, and luckily, I was nice enough to not give them a strike >__>. 0 to 2 strikes
    12) *New* I would prefer for your Pokemon to have no Pokecheck ribbons. I consider Pokecheck-cloned Pokemon to be hacks.

    Breaking any of these rules will resolve in 0-5 strikes. How many strikes that can be given for breaking a rule are bolded. Strikes can be found here (all the way at the bottom).

    Other Information
    1) I live in the CST time zone, which is EST-1, PST+2, and GMT-5. Click this link to see what time it is right now.
    2) Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, such as clarification and other Pokemon info (HP, IVs, Genders, etc). Please note that I do not know how to calculate EVs, and the closest I can get to calculating IVs is using the Serebii/MetalKid IV calculator.
    3) This is mainly a shiny shop, which means that I'm most interested in shinies, but I will also be interested in events.
    4) This is my first trade shop, so advice and tips are always welcome .
    5) There will also be special events sometimes, such as giveaways. An event can last anywhere from 3 days to 30 days. I will post if there is a new event.
    6) All my Pokemon are Full Redis, meaning they can be traded to anyone, even after I trade it to you.

    Points System
        Spoiler:- Points!:

    *IN CONSTRUCTION! Beware of the falling letters!*
    Here are the jobs I have people do. If you'd like to apply for a position, please fill out the designated form c:.

    Not looking for any more!
    **New** Hokoku
    **New** Lavaburst14
    -Shiny Porygon-Z
    -pokemonjeff - he's my personal cloner, he's not cloning as a service to most people...back-up cloner
        Spoiler:- Want to be a cloner? Click here for your form to fill out:

    RNGer (you will receive any 1-3 Pokemon from my shop, depending on the thing RNG'd)-
    -$h1ny Hunter - Busy, not open for requests
        Spoiler:- RNGer form:

    *Soon to add an EV trainer*
    Please PM me the form instead of posting

        Spoiler:- Don't know what a term means? Then click here!:

    Pokemon/Items for Trade
    Flawless/near-flawless in Blue. IVs are omitted on a blue Pokemon if it's flawless.

        Spoiler:- New Pokemanz:

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Others. Regulars, legends, EV'd, IV'd, and more!:

    Pokemon I’m looking for
    Pokemon have to be English, unhacked (this includes being caught in hacked Master Balls and hacked PKRS), UT (with a few exceptions), and unnicknamed (with some exceptions). If it is not, please tell me! Gender (unless it has to be a certain gender), level/training, nature, stats, etc. doesn’t matter unless specified.
        Spoiler:- If a Pokemon is UT, it should meet these requirements:

    **There may be specific wants on a Pokemon I want**
    Pokemon bolded are my big wants.

    A slash through a want = Pending Trade
    RC'd or DCT'd do NOT count as UT. Feel free to offer them, though.

        Spoiler:- Shiny Wants:

        Spoiler:- Event Wants:

    **This is what I really want, feel free to offer other things c:**

    What I DON'T Want
    Regulars (normal or legendaries)(doesn't include EV'd/flawless)
    Items (unless I state that I want it)
    Things I already have (which is hard to keep track of since I don't clone most of my Pokes)
    PCNY Pokemon (unless in my wants list)
    JEREMY Pokemon (unless in my wants list)
    10ANIV (and any foreign 10ANIV) Pokemon (unless in my wants listed)
    DW Pokes that aren't shiny
    Egged-moved Pokes that aren't shiny
    Regular level 100s
    Shiny level 100s (unless EV'd)

    Offering anything here will result in a strike. If you offer something on my Offering list, that'll cost you a strike.

    Happy customers (successful trades)(I think I missed some...):
        Spoiler:- Successful:

    Pending Trades:
        Spoiler:- Pending:

    I look forward to trading with you guys! c:

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