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Thread: Sonic Generations

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    I know that my list may seem harsh, but there are some levels (Classic & Modern Rooftop Run, Classic Seaside Hill, specifically) that I can't remember very well, but if the levels didn't have anything that made them "stick out" to me, then I can't really call them good. Looking back on it, Sky Sanctuary is the only stage I definitely loved both acts of. That's just sad.

    TicoPokemonMaster (or anybody else), what's your overall opinion of the 3DS version, I've heard mixed reviews, and I'd like to know what you think of it.
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    For me, I'll rate the levels PS3/X-Box 360 versions:


    Green Hill: GHZ gives me the feeling that I should start playing the first Sonic games, even though I wasn't alive then.

    Modern Chemical Plant: I will never change the music of this zone since it gives me the feel that i'm "infiltrating" Robotnik/Eggmans Chemical Plant. The music is all I like about this level.

    Sky Sanctuary: Both Classic and Modern levels are amazing since they make me feel like I'm in paradise. Great amount of speed and platforming, making this my favourite zone of the Classic era.

    Classic Speed Highway: The techno music in this level gets me into the game and it's fun for me to try and stay on the high paths.

    City Escape: No need to explain this zone, this is already a win for both Classic and Modern.

    Modern Seaside Hill: It's fun to boost through the zone and run on the water, until the giant Piranha fish gets you. Also my favourite level to use Super Sonic.

    Shadow: I love racing Shadow to get the energy cores, and I let Shadow get them first because I love dodging his Chaos Control and then smashing him at the end.

    Perfect Chaos: Beating this monster in High Quality is the best. A nice challenge to get to Perfect Chaos rather than just avoid its attacks, then hit, hit, win.

    Crisis City: Yes, I enjoy this zone because it's all destroyed and epic. The end is the best part for Modern Sonic but the sign snapping off at Classic Sonic? That is the worst part of this zone.

    Rooftop Run: My favourite zone in this game. I love the violins and piano, but the zone is legend for boosting over roofs, doing heaps of combos over the giant clock tower for Modern Sonic. The clock tower for Classic Sonic is my favourite part of this zone as Classic Sonic.

    Silver: Just because I love playing hard mode and trying to beat my record of 37 seconds.


    Classic Chemical Plant: There isn't a lot of running around and there's too much platforming.

    Metal Sonic: Fighting it was just hit, dodge, hit, dodge, hit. Needed more of a challenge...

    Death Egg Robot: It just doesn't capture my interest. Just hitting it in the butt, then the head and it's over. Not really that fun.

    Modern Speed Highway: This level is too short. The level is great, but needed to be longer imo.

    Classic Seaside Hill: This level just doesn't capture my interest. I don't know why, but it isn't-fun.

    Planet Wisp: This zone wasn't meant to be for the PS3/X-Box 360 imo. I would have preferred Tropical Resort but that's for the 3DS...

    Egg Dragoon: This boss is just a pain to beat in Hard Mode. Once I spent over 20 minutes against it. Otherwise this level is alright, but just isn't good enough to be in the "Good" section for me.

    Time Eater: It just wasn't right to fight it. The background is terrible and makes it hard to find incoming objects and you can't even take damage unless you lose all your rings! And they re-used the Time Eater theme and Sonic 4 Episode 1 music (Remixed) for the final fight! Not good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sceptile33 View Post
    TicoPokemonMaster (or anybody else), what's your overall opinion of the 3DS version, I've heard mixed reviews, and I'd like to know what you think of it.
    Well just like the mixed review, it is kind of a mixed bag. Like I said about Casino Night and Mushroom hill classic there copy paste but I like them cuz they remind me of the good times I had playing the Originals. And Big Arm is one of my all time favorite bosses (including the music). I would have prefered having advance stages other than adventure stages but I could see why there were no advance bosses. Cuz the advance games to my knowledge didn't have a monster of the week.

    Plus Radical Highway is one of my favorite stages so it doesn't bother me like it might others who say it Shadows level and not Sonic's.
    Emerald Coast modern is just to bland, classic has some platforming that makes it interesting.

    Water Palace classic has some references that to me remind me of Hydrocity. and that Egg bot underwater is a fun segment. In general i never played the rush games so I can't really compare but I like the level alot.

    Tropical Resort - I like the way how the difficulty was raised on this level. Its a beginner level in Colors but the new elements like riding the rockets at the end in classic or dodging meteors in modern were a great welcome

    Egg Emperor was one of my favorite bosses in Heroes so I was happy for its inclusion.

    Time Eater is by far a better fight in the 3DS version (my opinion so please don't hound on me). Dodging the hands and when the clocks are thrown at you, you have to time your moves so you don't hit the handles.(gets a little tough after a while)

    The mixed bag comes in that in some places Dimps programed alot of rail segments. Radical Highway Modern and Tropical Resort modern come to mind. Sure there are other paths that don't require the use of rails but that is slightly lazy to rely on rails. The level design can be alittle bland at time but I overlook it.

    The rival races are by far the most dissapointing point for me. Not only are the race not in unique levels but some are straight foward ( Casino Night, Tropical resort).
    Some of the mission can be short but a least it addes replay value.

    All in All it depends on your taste. In my case the 3DS version is filled with stages and bosses that I like so that might slightly affect my judgement. If you have a 3ds rent it to see if its to your liking
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    I like most of the levels on the 3ds one, except Tropical Resoet act 1. Hated that. Also I'm still stuck on the Time Eater. Yeah, I know, I fail. Help please?

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    If you're stuck on Time Eater...

    Avoid being hit by:
    Those Yellow Homing shots by luring them into a certain part of the screen.
    Those Green Lasers he fires *adds a few more during the fight to make it more difficult to dodge*
    That huge blast (similar to perfect Dark Gaia's) he fires at you.
    The hands of his he pushes you back that you have to dodge with the directional pad and face buttons depending on their position.
    The spinning clocks he hurls at you *watch for the clock hands*
    When he charges at you, dodge with the onscreen cue, then hit the sphere underneath him with a homing attack.

    The more you get hit, he'll just repeat his attacks and you'll run out of rings.

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    I loved the ps3 version up until the Colors stage. It just did not work at all.
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    This game rocks!

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    For those who own the 3ds version and want to know what mission unlocks what I have the list

    Sound List

    1. Green Hill - Mission 1
    2. Marble - Mission 3
    3. Star Light - Mission 5
    4. Emerald Hill - Mission 14
    5. Chemical Plant - Mission 16
    6. Special Stage Mission 17
    7. Angel Island - Mission 31
    8. Hydro City - Mission 33
    9. Marble Garden - Mission 35
    10. Mushroom Hill - Mission 26
    11.Flying Battery - Mission 27
    12. Death Egg - Mission 29
    13. Open Your Heart - Mission 40
    14. Believe In Myself ...Theme of Tails - Mission 41
    15. My Sweet Passion ...Theme of Amy - Mission 42
    16. Live & Learn - Mission 53
    17. Unknown From M.E. ...Theme of Knuckles - Mission 54
    18. Throw It All Away ...Theme of Shadow - Mission 55
    19. Sonic Heroes - Mission 90
    20. What I'm Made Of... - Mission 91
    21. Seaside Hill - Mission 93
    22. Right There, Ride On - Mission 66
    23. Jeh Jeh Rocket - Mission 68
    24. Vela-Nova - Mission 69
    25. A New Venture - Mission 75
    26. Blizzard Peaks Act 1/2 Mix - Mission 72
    27. Sky Babylon Act 1/2 Mix - Mission 74
    28. Reach For The Stars - Mission 78
    29. Aquarium Park - Act 1 - Mission 79
    30. Starlight Carnival - Act 1 - Mission 80
    31. Toxic Caves - Mission 59
    32. PalmTree Panic - Mission 60
    33. Sonic Boom - Mission 62
    34. Door Into The Summer - Mission 36
    35. Diamond Dust - Mission 43
    36. Super Sonic Racing - Mission 24
    37. Sonic Stage - Mission 46
    38. Neo Green Hill - Mission 48
    39. Leaf Forest - Mission 49
    40. Route 99 - Mission 50
    41. Quick Trip To Paradise - Mission 20
    42. Race To Win - Mission 21
    43. His World - Mission 23
    44. Endless Possibility - Mission 10
    45. High Flying Groove - Mission 9
    46. Un-gravitify - Mission 11
    47. Free - Mission 12
    48. Let The Speed Mend It - Mission 85
    49. Knight Of The Wind - Mission 87
    50. Splash Hill - Act 1 - Mission 6

    Artwork List

    1. Illustration 1 - Mission 19
    2. Illustration 2 - Mission 30
    3. Illustration 3 - Mission 73
    4. Illustration 4 - Mission 4
    5. Illustration 5 - Mission 8
    6. Illustration 6 - Mission 81
    7. Illustration 7 - Mission 84
    8. Illustration 8 - Mission 86
    9. 1991 Illustration - Mission 2
    10. 1992 Illustration - Mission 15
    11. 1993 Illustration - Mission 22
    12. 1994 Illustration - Mission 28
    13. 1995 Illustration - Mission 34
    14. 1996 Illustration - Mission 37
    15. 1997 Illustration - Mission 39
    16. 1998 Illustration - Mission 44
    17. 1999 Illustration - Mission 47
    18. 2000 Illustration - Mission 52
    19. 2001 Illustration - Mission 56
    20. 2002 Illustration - Mission 61
    21. 2003 Illustration - Mission 92
    22. 2004 Illustration - Mission 63
    23. 2005 Illustration - Mission 67
    24. 2006 Illustration - Mission 71
    25. 2007 Illustration - Mission 94
    26. 2008 Illustration - Mission 76
    27. 2009 Illustration - Mission 96
    28. 2010 Illustration - Mission 82
    29. 10th Anniversary Figurine - Mission 58
    30. 15th Anniversary Figurine - Mission 65
    31. 20th Anniversary Figurine - Mission 88
    32. Sonic Statue - Mission 95

    Model List

    1. Sonic - Mission 7
    2. Dr. Eggman - Mission 13
    3. Tails - Mission 18
    4. Amy - Mission 38
    5. Metal Sonic - Mission 25
    6. Knuckles - Mission 32
    7. Big - Mission 45
    8. Shadow - Mission 64
    9. Rouge - Mission 57
    10. Cream & Cheese - Mission 77
    11. Omega - Mission 70
    12. Silver - Mission 89
    13. Orbot & Cubot - Mission 83
    14. Chaos Emeralds - Mission 51
    15. Big Arm - Mission 97
    16. Biolizard - Mission 98
    17. Egg Emperor - Mission 99
    18. Time Eater - Mission 100
    And If you want S ranking times I have those.
    Green Hill Act 1: 0:27.81
    Act 2: 0:52.94
    Special stage 1 0:50.37
    Casino Night Act 1 1:01.43
    Act 2 1:05.43
    Special stage 2 0:48.30
    Mushroom Hill Act 1 1:24.87
    Act 2 1:33.35
    Special stage 3 o:48.37
    Metal Sonic 0:58.57
    Big Arm 0:47.23
    Emerald coast Act 1 2:05.54
    Act 2 1:34.11
    Special stage 4 0:48.79
    Radical Highway Act 1 1:54.98
    Act 2 3:10.74
    Special stage 5 0:42.43
    Shadow 1:09.45
    Biolizard 3:40.84
    Water Palace 2:27.99
    Act 2 1:47.33
    Special stage 6 0:48.93
    Tropical Resort Act 1 2:44.50
    Act 2 2:24.94
    Special stage 7 0:49.84
    Silver 1:01.28
    Egg emperor 2:10.91
    Time Eater 5:20.38
    Some of these were hard to achive though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sceptile33 View Post
    So, in an attempt to revive this thread, I'd like to ask, which Sonic Generations levels, rivals, and bosses did you enjoy or not enjoy?
    I love modern green hill and modern city escape, the first fight with Shadow is pretty fun, modern rooftop run is good. I also have a question to those who are interested: What is your fastest time on modern green hill? Mine is 1:56 or something like that. Definitely below 2:00.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sceptile33 View Post
    So, in an attempt to revive this thread, I'd like to ask, which Sonic Generations levels, rivals, and bosses did you enjoy or not enjoy?
    Death Egg Robot - It appears to be MUCH weaker than its original inception.
    Speed Highway - Act 1 - This level just doesn't feel right at all.
    Seaside Hill - Act 2 - Why does Sonic immediately drown when his head sinks belowthe surface and the ground is only ann inch or two below him?
    Perfect Chaos - I like how the majority of the stage plays out like a regular level, but the fact that Sonic doesn't need the Chaos Emeralds is irritating, and its outrageous when the battle is cleared after 4 hits instead of 6 when as Super Sonic.
    Planet Wisp - Acts 1 & 2 - Act 1 may be inside one of the tractor beam generators, but Sonic never went inside one of the generators before.
    I also don't like how each version of Sonic is limited to a single Wisp Power.
    Time Eater - I'm not sure how to clear this battle. Sure I've beaten it easily, but I randomly get closer or farther away, regardless of boosting, dodging debris, and switching between Sonics. Sometimes, I remain in attacking range for a minute before the Homing Marker appears.

    Here are a couple of annying abilities.
    Light Dash - Before, this could be used on any trail of rings, but it is now limited to a sparse few areas.
    Sure Footed - Why has this been removed and placed as optional? It has been avaliable since the very first Sonic game as default abilities and now you have to unlock it.

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    Woot. Beat it. Thank you Advent.
    Also thanks for the list thebattleforntierash.

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