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Thread: What defines a Pokemon pair (beyond version-exclusivity)?

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    Default What defines a Pokemon pair (beyond version-exclusivity)?

    So, I've mentioned Parasitic Trio before, and that story is going to culminate in a week the protagonists spend at the Battle Frontier in Sinnoh.

    Regarding the Battle Hall, I've read on Bulbapedia that 1) only one Pokemon can be used for a winning streak, and 2) only two of the same Pokemon are allowed in the double-battle challenge.

    I sorta get the former of those, since the whole point is to challenge you to face all types with just one Pokemon (also the reason you can only select the same type ten times). The latter I'm assuming for exactly the same reason, but it did get me thinking of having my version allow for paired Pokemon. (How the Hall in general would work is a bit complicated to describe here.)

    So, here's the real topic at hand:

    Some Pokemon pairs, even if they're present in both primary versions of a given game (albeit at different encounter rates), are pretty obvious to spot. For example, Caterpie and Weedle are both caterpillar Pokemon that evolve into cocoons at level 7, and then one more time at level 10. Volbeat and Illumise could not possibly be any more similar without practically being the same Pokemon; you can get an egg of either regardless of which one is male or female when you leave them at a daycare, and that is also true with Tauros and Miltank (gender-exclusive cattle Pokemon, despite debuting a generation apart). Some Pokemon follow a common pattern, such as Oddish and Bellsprout (three evolution stages, third evoked w/ a Leaf Stone), Zangoose and Seviper (co-introduced as sworn enemies), or Vullaby and Rufflet (gender-exclusive baby bird Pokemon w/ two evolution stages).

    Others, however, seem rather arbitrary. For example, Meowth and Mankey seem to have nothing in common with eachother, neither do Ekans and Sandshrew, and all Growlithe and Vulpix have is a stone-induced evolution. This would also be true with Electabuzz and Magmar if they weren't Pokedexed right next to eachother, preceded directly by the Ice-type Jynx, both assigned (along w/ Jynx) a pre-evolved form in Gen II, and given item-and-trade-induced evolutions in Gen IV. Sableye and Mawile seem to have nothing in common either, save for Pokedex adjacency and Mega Evolutions introduced in Gen VI (not even in the same game). Some Pokemon are paired only according to specific parts of the franchise, such as Scyther and Electabuzz in the anime episode Showdown at Dark City.

    Might make a more comprehensive list if the need arises, but can anyone make heads or tails here otherwise?

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    Part of the reason why this is complicated is because in the recent games, certain version counterparts are retconned. For example, Poochyena and Houndour were conventionally version counterparts, but in X/Y, that duo is replaced by Poochyena/Purrloin and Manectric/Houndoom duo. Banette and Dusclops, which were traditionally wild version counterparts, have evolved differently after Gen III, making them no longer counterparts. Similarly, in SuMo, Sandslash and Ninetales became version counterparts in their Alolan forms.

    Generally, version counterparts share same BSTs, Level-Up Moveset levels, some moves and Abilities, and uncommonly locations. But a lot of the others are more obscure, such as sharing themes(Mawile is the Pokémon with least weaknesses, Sableye is the Pokémon with no weaknesses in Gen III), locations(Minccino and Trubbish in B2W2), gameplay purpose(for example, Purugly and Skuntank are both used by Team Galactic) and evolution method(Alolan Sandslash and Ninetales).

    Or in a tl;dr version, they change from time to time. Only few stick, and those who few that stick are the only ones that matter.
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    Okay, makes sense.

    Anyway, not counting Gen V or beyond (having never played much beyond IV), here is my list from the Parasitic Trio story outline (concerning allowed pairs in the aforementioned Battle Hall). And yes, I know Gyarados/Milotic isn't canon, nor are certain type-assignments (or even the Light-type itself). Dual is in place in general to give both single- and dual-typed Pokemon a fair chance of being selected by the winning Trainer.

    -Any two starter Pokemon from a given region (Dual)
    -Butterfree/Beedrill (Bug; start out as caterpiller/cocoon Pokemon)
    -Nidoran♀/Nidoran♂ (Poison)
    -Clefairy/Jigglypuff (Fairy; pink, ball-shaped fairy Pokemon)
    -Oddish/Bellsprout (Grass or Poison; 3-stage Grass/Poison Pokemon involving Leaf Stones)
    -Vileplume/Bellossom (Grass)
    -Growlithe/Vulpix (Fire; only Pokemon besides Eevee and Pansear to evolve via Fire Stone)
    -Poliwrath/Politoed (Water)
    -Grimer/Koffing (Poison; foul-smelling two-stage chemical Pokemon)
    -Slowbro/Slowking (Water or Psychic)
    -Magnemite/Voltorb (Thunder; genderless two-stage Thunder Pokemon)
    -Shellder/Staryu (Water; evolve and gain second types via Water Stone)
    -Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop (Fighting)
    -Chansey/Miltank (Light; female-only Pokemon that provide food)
    -Jynx/Electabuzz/Magmar (Dual; elemental trio, baby Pokemon, and item-and-trade-induced evolutions)
    -Scyther/Pinsir (Bug; large, cutting Bug-type Pokemon)
    -Pinsir/Heracross (Bug or Fighting; large Bug/Fighting types)
    -Tauros/Miltank (Dual; gender-exclusive cattle Pokemon)
    -Gyarados/Milotic (Water; serpentine Water-types that start out as weak fish Pokemon)
    -Any two Eeveelutions (Dual)
    -Omanyte/Kabuto (Water or Rock; re-discovered as fossils in Kanto)
    -Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres (Air)
    -Ledyba/Spinarak (Bug; time-of-day-exclusive Bug-type Pokemon)
    -Murkrow/Misdreavus (Dual; noctournal Pokemon that evolve via Dusk Stone)
    -Raikou/Entei/Suicune (Dual)
    -Ho-oh/Lugia (Air)
    -Poochyena/Zigzagoon (Dual; animal-type Pokemon that share certain routes in Hoenn)
    -Beautifly/Dustox (Bug)
    -Lotad/Seedot (Grass; three-stage Grass-type Pokemon involving evolutionary stones)
    -Gardevoir/Gallade (Psychic)
    -Plusle/Minun (Thunder; directly related)
    -Volbeat/Illumise (Bug; directly related)
    -Zangoose/Seviper (Dual; sworn enemies)
    -Lunatone/Solrock (Psychic or Rock; directly related)
    -Lileep/Anorith (Rock; discovered in Hoenn as fossils)
    -Glalie/Froslass (Ice)
    -Shuppet/Duskull (Ghost; two-stage ghost Pokemon from Mt. Pyre)
    -Regirock/Regice/Registeel (Dual)
    -Latios/Latias (Dual)
    -Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza (Dual)
    -Cranidos/Shieldon (Rock; discovered in Sinnoh as fossils)
    -Wormadam/Mothim (Bug)
    -Glameow/Stunky (Dual; unattractive animal Pokemon w/ two stages)
    -Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf (Psychic)
    -Dialga/Palkia/Giratina (Dragon)
    -Cresselia/Darkrai (Dual; moon-themed legendary Pokemon)

    Anything I'm missing?

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    Usually when they have close thematic similarities
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