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Thread: What are the color palettes of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow?

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    Default What are the color palettes of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow?

    What i read on wikipedia makes me think there's 56 colors. I'm not sure exactly what colors though.

    Tried looking it up, but i haven't found anything.

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    The palettes were not strictly "of" Red, Blue and (Japanese) Yellow Versions, but rather were one of the 12 pre-programmed palettes stored in the Game Boy Color's internal ROM, with the system being programmed to automatically default to one of the preprogrammed palettes when one of a select few games was booted up.

    These are the color palettes that were programmed into the Game Boy Color. I do not know specifically which palette is triggered by which Generation I game, but all of the involved colors are in there somewhere.

    Based on Bulbapedia, my best guess is that Red defaulted to the Up + A palette (reference $B0 in the Wikipedia chart), Blue defaulted to the Left palette (reference $B8), and Japanese Yellow defaulted to either Down + A ($07) or Down + B ($BA), but these are only educated guesses.

    Yellow's international release was actually reworked with limited Game Boy Color support and thus made use of switching palettes on the fly for different locations in the game.

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