"Bulbasaur is easy mode, Squirtle is medium mode and Charmader is hard mode and you'll have a hard time beating Brock if you pick Charmander. "

Because really? I usually only have to level up Charmander to around 12 or 13 and can defeat Brock with little difficulty of just spamming ember and being careful to avoid Onix's bide by either using non-offensive moves or letting another weaker member take the hit. It's a bit harder with Misty but by then you can catch an oddish/bellsprout depending on which version you're playing or level grind that Pikachu if you caught one in the forest. After that Charmander and its evolutions can breeze through most of the gym leaders.

Now granted the GBA remakes make it a bit more difficult because Onix actually uses an efficient technique with rock tomb but even then you have metal claw or an early to catch Mankey.

"Psychic Pokemon are broken and over powered"

Well I appreciate that when I use Kadabra on my team he tends to be my most powerful and I get the whole issue with bug pokemon suck and the frustrating programming error of making ghost moves ineffective against psychics despite what the cartoon and in-game characters tell you. Buut its not exactly hard to beat the Psychic pokemon. I can usually 1 -2 hit KO Sabrina and my rival's Alakazam with nary little difficulty. I think the fact that they have no true type disadvantage is balanced by their crappy defenses and inability to take a hit (or in the case of Drowzee/Hypno just being really slow and mediocre) If anything Game Freak has tried way too over to overcompensate the Abra line started to kind of suck as of gen 4. Playing Heartgold, which I did love btw, was the first time I ever decided to shelf Kadabra and decide he was dead weight rather than my star team member

"Too many game breaking bugs"

You seriously have to go out of your way to do any of the bad glitches. A lot of the glitches make the game even more fun (given I never have anyone to trade with gen 1 is the only time I was ever able to "catch em all"