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Thread: Help with the post game (Pokemon sun)

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    Default Help with the post game (Pokemon sun)

    So I'm in the postgame of Pokemon sun and have found myself stuck since I completed most of the post game the other day and skipped most of the text in the Looker episode as I just wanted to finish the game so I can get onto breeding/shiny hunting, but I'm now not sure exactly where I'm up to.

    I have thus far obtained Sogaleo (obviously), Cosmog, Type Null, Nihilego x1, Buzzwole x2, Xurkitree x2, Kartana x4, Guzzlord x1. The last thing I remember doing is battling Nanu in the restaurant in Seafolk village, then heading to aether paradise where I Type Null, DNA Splicers (I think), along with a few other items.

    I do have just over 1 million pokemoney which would suggest I have completed the Looker quest. However, on route 2 Looker is still in the motel and says there's an ultra beast I've yet to catch somewhere on Melemele island, so I'm very confused.

    I regret skipping the text not finishing it all on the same day, so any help would be very much appreciated and thank you in advance!

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    This is not a chatroom. It's a forum.

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