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Thread: Favorite Pokemon since first sight?

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    Default Favorite Pokemon since first sight?

    Anyone else have a pokemon that when they first saw it, it instantly became one of their favorites? Mine would be Gardevoir/Gallade. I was playing Emerald and caught a ralts. After some internetting I found out it's evolutions. So I always caught two because I thought I could get both in Gen 3... Bummer :P

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    Dunsparce. It was when I was playing my Pokémon Platinum. I checked the TV for the mass outbreak Pokémon of the day. The TV said: "if you ever wanted to be surrounded by DUNSPARCE, or have a team full of DUNSPARCE, or wear one on your head." That sold it. That, and the fact that poor Dunsparce is basically the reject of the Pokémon World. I'm a reject as well, so that's probably why I resonate with it. We rejects gotta stick together!
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    Hello there! Please use this sticky in the polls forum to discuss Pokemon favorites!
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