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Thread: The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

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    So, I am making ANOTHER Delta episode team from OmegaRuby out of spritely baby Pokemon and thanks to the help of the Triathlete next to the daycare I have just leveled up my Buneary to level 50 and I MADE IT EVOLVE!

    Then I renamed it Sakuraharuno, gave it the Lopunnite and I totally want to cry from awe from it's max affection + return results!

    Right now my team is:


    I'm gonna kick Swanna and Growlithe! >:^D Maybe even Eevee so instead of a Jolteon I might get a Emolga or a Dedenne! Now just to find one pesky Pokemon in Pokemon X and slam-bam-in-a-can! I'll have an adorable Squirrel-thingy or a... mouse.

    Revenge? Money? Revenge? Money? Revenge or money? It's so hard to choose! Oh, why should I deny myself anything? Revenge THEN money! - Dr Eggman

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    After a month or so hiatus from Pokemon, I am now on my way back to working on my dex in A/S, I've so far captured almost all of the end-game legendaries that do not require a counter-part from O/R. After catching all of the normal Pokemon this playthrough, I really want to transfer all of my captures to the PokeBank and restart, playing through a Badge Quest and SRing for all of the shiny legendaries. I'm excited!
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