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Thread: The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

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    So, is the August 2015 CoroCoro here yet?

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    The last few events have me a bit worried. So far all offensive Fairy-type moves besides Fairy Wind has been used for an event.

    Moonblast and Play Rough were given to two different Jirachi.

    Draining Kiss was given one of the Cosplay Pikachu.

    On top of these, Phantom Force was given to Darkrai. I am starting to think that we won't get a lot of good offensive Gen VI moves as tutors for Zygarde's game(s).

    Edit: As a side note, I wonder if the fact that Heart Stamp has become a common event move means it will get a notable boost in the next generation. Then again, Sport moves were used extensively as events in Gen III and were not updated until Gen V.

    Edit 2: I guess there is still Disarming Voice.
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    I also read from the bulbagarden thread about the movie that Zorua impersonates Dawn and tries to show Dawn's butt to Ash. Fanservice, foreshadowing?
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    This show is called Pokemon, not Pochaman.. although that sounds almost the same..

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    Salamence is OP for two times. Once in Gen 4 and other in Gen 6. It had amazingly huge coverage, being able to attack many Pokémon. With high Attack+Life Orb (Gen 4) it's deadly.

    Gen 6 Mega Salamence is deadly with Dragon Dance+Return/Double Edge, making use of Aerialate, which does STAB damage, makes it horribly overpowered.
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