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Thread: Rennir's Pokémon Emporium

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    Pokemon wanted:Is it possible to get one of your EV'd or Events for this? Very interested in that EV'd Electivire. Don't care if it's a clone.
    Pokemon type (EVd, Shiny, IVd, etc.):EV'd or an Event
    Pokemon offered:Scyther
    Nature: ADAMANT
    Ability: TECHNICIAN
    Gender: MALE
    IV (if applicable): FLAWLESS
    EV (if applicable):NONE
    Touched or Untouched: UT
    OT (of pokemon):PHOTON
    ID (of pokemon): 30517
    Time Zone (and when you are usually online): GMT -4 I believe and I'm on most of the time these days .
    Questions or comments: Is it possible to get more for this or is it a one pokemon for one pokemon kind of trade? Also this scyther was RNG'd.
    Friend Code: Soulsilver: 3825 2173 2354
    Man this guy is Awesome
    Currently WANT:
    EV'd and lvl 100 pokemon!
    In need of a friendly reliable cloner or EV trainer.
    Various (and lots of!) useful Eggmove pokemon
    All fossil and starter Pokemon among many other average pokemon.
    Any item. Other EV'd pokes and Events.

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