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    Default Jon3500Chinatown's Trading Thread

    Thanks for checking out Jon's Trading Thread!

    1. All Serebii Forum Trade Rules Apply
    2. I will not accept any hacked Pokemon
    3. Please read all the Pokemon on my list, if I already have it I most likely will not want another one
    4. I only trade on Gen V games so please make sure you can Pokeshift yours over when offering for a trade
    5. I do clone most of my Pokemon, if this is a problem please let me know and we'll see what we can work out
    6. All Pokemon that you offer me must be UT, I will not accept anything that has any experience at all
    7. I am not interested in any shiny Pokemon, I don't really collect them.
    8. Please don't ask me what I will trade for something. Make me an offer and I'll tell you if I'm interested.
    9. I'm only trading Gen IV and Gen V Pokemon, all earlier Generations seem to be mostly hacks.
    10. Have fun!

    My Pokemon

    English Event Pokemon

    Japanese Event Pokemon

    Korean Event Pokemon

    In Game Pokemon

    What I'm Looking For
    Any Event Pokemon I don't have on my list!
    It doesn't matter if it's English, Japanese, or wherever.
    If I don't have it, I want it!

    Specific Wants:
    Pikachu Cafe Electivire (K)
    Pikachu Cafe Magmortar (K)
    Pikachu Cafe Tangrowthe (K)
    VGC Shiny Milotic (K)
    Shinsegae Entei (K)
    Movie 2011 Crown Raikou (K)
    Movie 2011 Crown Entei (K)
    Movie 2011 Crown Suicune (K)
    Movie 2011 Celebi (K)
    Shinsegae Manaphy (K)
    Singing Pikachu OT いえるかな (J)

    Will offer big for any of the above events!

    My Services
    I can RNG breed any Gen V Pokemon for you with whatever Nature, Ability, IVs, Egg Moves, and Shininess you want!
    I can also clone any Pokemon as well.
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