I am interested in the shiny tornadus. I did not see a list of your "perfect pokemon, so I do not know what you have. The best I can do is make a list of what I can offer. The following is my list of "near perfect or perfect" pokemon. All are hatched and shiny, although you mentioned you don't care about the latter. Since I got them from trades, I honestly do not know if they were RNGed or Hacked:

Solosis (Bold)
Emboar (Jolly)
Samurott (Timid)
Terakion (Adamant)
Chandelure (Modest) (EV trained)
Stunfisk (Careful)
Deino (Timid w/ dark pulse)

I doubt you will want any of these, considering I do not know the origins, but I figured it would not hurt to ask.