This is a little two-shot I wrote a couple months back. I didn't post it here at first because it contained some parts that were... well, not exactly appropriate (nor was it in any way critical to the story; it was really only there to prove to some people that I could write it). So, here's the edited version:

The Blues

"Blue?" Great. This again. This damn thing again. Just what I needed. "Blue, listen to me." Old speech is old, I thought, rolling my eyes in bitterness as she grabbed my shoulders and twisted them gently to get my attention.

"Yes, my love? What is it you want from me?" My words rolled off my tongue with little effort, as if I had practiced. The sarcasm laced within them was biting to my own ears; I couldn't imagine what it would be like to her.

"Blue… I'm serious. You know I am." So what if she was? And yes, I knew that. She really was the most serious person I had ever met. Seldom could I utter even the most obvious of jokes without her staring at me blankly. She was almost too literal for my tastes.

"You can't keep doing this. You need more. I need more. Sitting around moping all the time isn't changing anything." I lowered my head and chuckled. She didn't even know. "Look," she said plainly, lifting my chin and twisting my head back toward her, "I know it hurts, but that was, what? Five years ago?"

"SIX years, today," I replied. I really despised how she spoke to me, like I was eight. I'm twice that age now, and so is she. I haven't a clue how she could possibly forget that, but it doesn't really matter, does it?

"I-I don't want to sound like a bad guy here, but you need to get over it. Buy some flowers, make a shrine, I don't know! You just need to get past this! I need you—"

"Grandpa needs me, and you both love me very much," I finished for her. I'd heard it a thousand times. Once more wouldn't change anything.

"Yes, exactly," she breathed, exasperated. I think she thought I wasn't listening. As if. I couldn't not listen to her if I tried. As much as I detested the fact, her voice was much too sweet and enchanting to ignore. It was light and breezy, like the call of a Gardevoir; smooth, like a fresh stream; filling, like an endless feast. I couldn't ignore her any more than I could ignore the very earth beneath my feet, and she WAS my world.

"Green, my love, do you know how beautiful you are when you're worried?" She blushed: perfect.

"Blue, stop!" she exclaimed crossly, but I knew she wasn't mad. She could never really be angry at me. "You're getting me sidetracked!" She smiled, in contrast to her voice. I knew she would be pleased. "Look, I know you're tired of hearing this, but I don't see why you can't just drop it. I know he was special to you, but that doesn't change the fact…" She was starting to get on my nerves now. She didn't understand.

"Do you even know?" I fumed, "Do you even know what it's like? This isn't just about Raticate. This is about my entire CAREER!"

She recoiled at my outburst. She obviously wasn't expecting it. Indeed, it seemed to confirm that she truly DIDN'T know. "H-how is this about your career? You still beat the gyms, the Elite Four-"

"So? You think that matters? My entire life was destroyed!"

"Don't you think you're being a little extreme? I mean, I-I'm not trying to downplay the pain that you went through, but I don't think it could have been THAT serious—" I cut her speech short with a kiss, almost tackling her onto the bed. I had to, to shut her up. She struggled momentarily (obviously she hadn't been expecting it), but eventually lapsed into submission. Or her version of it, anyway. She never was entirely complacent. She must have been as tired as I was, because she didn't try to escape once my grip slackened. Slowly, the soothing grace of sleep drifted over us, and together we drifted into the gentle clutches of sleep.

That night we slept together, holding each other against the night chill. I awoke softly as I heard the door click shut; someone else was home. Great. Oh well, I didn't have time to deal with that. I was way too tired to care. But still, I sighed softly as I heard the cutting creak of a floorboard and gentle padding of feet as they tried to take their owner away from my room as quickly as was within their ability.

Suddenly my position became very uncomfortable, and I shifted to the side in order to find a better one. I was greeted by the softly dreaming face of Green as she slumbered the night away.

"Blue…" she breathed softly, and my heart—MY heart, my cold heart of tempered steel—melted, releasing joyful butterflies within the core of my body. As I stared at her in the moonlight, her face glittering, I realized something: I loved her. Sure, I had said this before, but I had never truly known until now. She was the only one that tried to cheer me up, the only one who tried to help me past the things that troubled me. The only one that truly cared.

I would try. I would try to change, for her. I would try to lay my demons to rest, try to set down the past and pick up the future. No, I corrected myself. I would DO all of those things, because she would be there to help me. And with her by my side, there was nothing I couldn't do.

With renewed vigor in my soul, I gently kissed her on her forehead, causing her lips to spread into a smile, even in her sleep. I let my lids droop down, encasing my eyes in darkness, the very darkness I would banish from my thoughts, my memories, my mind. With those joyful thoughts in mind, I let sleep overtake me, because nothing, not even my own dreams, could hurt me any longer.