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Thread: The Square Enix Club

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    Post The Square Enix Club

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Square Enix Club!

    In this club you can talk about any Square Enix game, be it Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts possibly even the other francises they have made. You can discuss which of these games you are currently playing and possibly even post art of the games you made here.



    1. Rules
    2. Strike System
    3. Member List



    If you wish to join, make sure to read all the rules below, remember them and most important, follow them

    1. Every post should have a minimum of 3 sentances, this is to prevent SPAM and off topic/useless remarks. Every post should have at least 20 words in it. Any less and it's probably not worth posting.
    2. Please don't SPAM or advertise links, if it is a link realted to the topic. Like a new trailer for a Square Enix game or related art it's alright.
    3. Do not bash the Owner or Co-Owner's, if they have given you a strike you well deserved it.
    4. Do not reply to SPAM or trolls. Just report them.
    5. No flaming
    6. All of the standard club/Serebii rules apply here

    If you want to join, just state why and remember to state the word 'Keyblade' if you like Kingdom Hearts or 'Buster Sword' If You Like Final Fantasy. And if you like them both put 'Ultima Weapon'

    Fail to do this will result in a strike once you do join correctly.


    Strike System

    For every broken rule, you receive a strike, no matter what.
    3 Strikes will get you a ban, no exceptions.


    Member List

    .::If I missed you swing by my profile and drop me a VM::.

    Green Username: One Strike
    Blue Username: Two Strikes
    Red Username: Three Strikes (Banned)
    Orange Username: Owner
    Yellow Username: Co-Owner
    White Username: No Strikes/Normal Member

    SpyroxPikachu - Owner

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    Ultima weapon.
    I Am playing FFXII and KH 358/2 days while typing this, need i say more?

    Dammit, I've been practically dead. Too busy fighting demons and shadows.......* points evoker at head*....... back to work...* fires*

    † I am a Christian and proud of it! Copy and paste this if you are too.†

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    Ultima Weapon.
    Love playing Dissidia Final Fantasy. I've beaten Kingdom hearts BBS,358/6 days, 1 and 2 on ps2, and wish they would make a new one for ps3

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