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Thread: A Digimon Epic: The Gathering of Heroes (PG-13 Tentative)

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    Blades clashed, sparks flying as metal met metal.

    Fenrir grunted as he parried Iskandar’s moon blade to the side. He let out a yell as he pushed forward a free hand, only for him to penetrate through air. Instead, he found his wrist suddenly elbowed downwards, and the wolfman winced in pain, even with his gauntlet absorbing most of the blow. But he didn’t let it stop him from swinging his sword horizontally. Instead of meeting with Iskandar’s flesh, it met the body of his metal staff. The weapon’s blade slid upwards due to the wet metal, and Fenrir ended up slashing empty air above Iskandar’s head, giving the Shawjamon the chance to land a powerful hit on Fenrir’s chest. The Beowolfmon landed on his back, his head submerged in the shallow water. He had barely pulled his head up before he saw Iskandar’s intimidating figure over him.

    “Not yet!” Iskandar yelled out, quickly spinning his staff to slam the barrel end of his staff at Fenrir’s head. It was only due to Fenrir’s exemplary speed that he was able to roll to the side through the water, his body splashing the water around.

    He stood back up using the momentum of his roll, aiming the Roland rocket launcher at the Shawjamon. “Cleansing Light!” he yelled out as he sent several homing missiles towards the captain.

    “I told ya before, matey! That won’t work against me!” Iskandar said as he spun his weapon in the air. “Kouyoujou: Kamon no Jin!” he yelled out.

    The water around the Shawjamon suddenly started to rise above him before quickly turning into water spout around him. The missiles that Fenrir sent towards him went into the spout harmlessly, getting soaked in the process and negating their ability to explode upon impact. Iskandar then stopped his attack, looking at Fenrir smugly.

    “See? I can take everything ya throw at me and more, puppy,” the former captain said confidently. “Now see if you can take this!”

    Iskandar slammed his staff the ground and propelled himself forward by pushing it against the ground. He raised his weapon up in the air. Fenrir grunted, his legs still recovering. It looked like he would have to guard against the attack. He raised his weapon and let out an adrenaline-rushing yell as the Shawjamon slammed the moon blade end against his weapon. Fenrir grunted, using his other hand against the back of his blades, pushing back. He let out a loud yell as he forcefully slashed the Shawjamon’s weapon away. Before he could attack again, however, the Iskandar flipped over him.

    Fenrir turned around, horizontally slashing at the captain before he could get attacked in the back. However, his blade only met Iskandar’s staff again. The Shawjamon’s weapon was completely vertical, the barrel end on the ground while the moon blade pointing the ceiling.

    “I knew you’d do that,” the frog man said with a smirk. “Kouyoujou: Taki no Jin!

    As if he pressed a button, a column of water suddenly shooting from the ground right beneath Fenrir and blowing him away, although it didn’t seem to affect Iskandar at all.

    “Not as strong as I thought you were, puppy,” Iskandar said as he pulled his staff from the ground and spun it gracefully before making a stylish pose. He let the Beowolfmon get back onto his feet as he continued talking. “Is this the best that ya got? Not that I’m complainin’. Ya just hafta get out there an’ say that you din’t get it.”

    Fenrir panted from his position, staring at the Shawjamon. Unlike his opponent, he was tired and had used up more energy. It had been obvious in the first few minutes into their fight: their environment, particularly the water they were standing in, was detrimental to Fenrir’s speed, which he often relied on in fights, but it complimented well to Iskandar’s attacks.

    Of course, that didn’t mean he didn’t have a plan.

    “Not a chance,” the Beowolfmon replied, standing up.

    “Oh yeah?” Iskandar said as he prepared himself once more. “Come and try, puppy.”

    “I’m not a puppy,” Fenrir said with a hard tone as he threw his sword at the frogman.

    Iskandar quickly swung his weapon down, slamming the weapon into the water before it could reach him. The next thing he saw was Fenrir’s rockets flying towards him, having been fired right after he threw his sword.

    “I told you! It won’t work!” he yelled as he swung his weapon, quickly using his Kamon no Jin technique to summon the whirlpool around him again. Once more, the rockets got drenched in water and failed to explode. Iskandar smirked inside his cage of water before letting it down. And he saw Fenrir right in front of him, throwing a punch at his face. He let out a surprised yelp and raised a hand to block the block. To his surprise, he was able to catch Fenrir’s fist.

    “Too bad, puppy! I’m going to end this right now!” Iskandar said triumphantly, gripping tightly at Fenrir’s gauntlet. “He slammed the barrel end of his staff into the ground again. “Kouyoujou: Taki no Jin!” he yelled out, causing another column of water to shoot up at Fenrir. Unlike last time, however, a good portion of Iskandar was also inside the pillar with Fenrir.

    “My turn!” Fenrir growled. In his hand was his sword, which he had taken the chance to get while Iskandar was inside the whirlpool. His plan was risky, but right then, that was the only one he had. “Frozen Hunter!” he yelled, inserting his sword into the pillar of water.

    Almost instantly, the pillar started to freeze from where Fenrir’s sword was. Iskandar let out a yelp, trying to pull his staff away, only to realize that the top part had already been frozen in. He grimaced; it was either keep trying to get it, or end up frozen with it. He knew what he was going to pick, and he let of Fenrir and his weapon in order to escape before he got frozen.

    With nothing holding him any longer, Fenrir was also able to get away, although he had to leave his sword inside the pillar as well. He was able to get away as the pillar continued to get frozen until it was completely solid from the bottom up.

    Iskandar stared, unable to get his weapon anymore. He let out an uneasy smile. “Nice trick. I don’t have my weapon left, but neither do you,” he said turning to Fenrir. The moment he did, his smile did.

    “Not quite,” Fenrir said, pointing the Roland at him. “It’s my win,” he said, breathing heavily.

    The Shawjamon stared at him. Without his staff, he no longer had the ability to summon the whirlpool. And he knew the destructive ability of Fenrir’s attacks; he wouldn’t be able to last long under continuous fire. He knew that Fenrir was tired, but it wasn’t like the Beowolfmon had to move to fire his rockets. They both knew it: it was checkmate, Fenrir’s favor.

    “Don’t move, Iskandar,” Fenrir said, as he sidestepped slowly towards the frozen Digimon. Both fighters had been careful to keep from attacking near the statue. One didn’t want to end up hitting the statue, and the other didn’t want to risk making the relic emit any uncontrollable power.

    “Stop! Please!” the Shawjamon called out, although he didn’t move a single inch. “There…there has to be another way!” he called out.

    “There’s no time,” Fenrir said simply, taking out the runed glove with his free as he got close. He didn’t dare let his weapon face away from the Shawjamon.

    Iskandar’s jaw tightened, his legs tensed up. He couldn’t allow Fenrir to take the relic. He wouldn’t let his captain shatter into tiny little pieces. Not while he could still do anything about it.

    Eventually, Fenrir had to reach for the relic. He had to look at it or risk letting it touch a part of his body that wasn’t covered by the glove. He would end up like the captain otherwise. And that was the chance that Iskandar took.

    The Shawjamon quickly jumped forward, relying on the frog-part of his species to propel himself powerfully towards the wolf man. He crashed right into the Beowolfmon, his arms wrapping around the wolf knight’s waist as he knocked him down.

    Both Digimon splashed into the water behind the statue. Iskandar let out a triumphant cry, pushing himself up and placing his hands on Fenrir’s arms. “Ha! I did it! I stopped ya! No offense, puppy!” he yelled out loud as he let himself look at the Beowolfmon.

    Fenrir, however, only looked at him emotionlessly.

    “What? Cat got yer tongue?” Iskandar he asked with a smirk.

    Once more, Fenrir didn’t say anything. Instead, he glanced up at his.

    “What are you…looking…at…?” Iskandar asked slowly as he turned to look at Fenrir’s gloved hand. And he saw the relic of ice in his grasp. “No…no! Captain!” he yelled out, getting up and off of the Beowolfmon.

    “What is it, Isky?” a deep voice called out.


    Cold. It was really cold.

    Tiwaz groaned, wondering why it felt like his body was being rocked over and over. It was making him feel sick. It also reminded him of something…

    “You’re finally up!” a familiar voice called out.

    “W-wha?” Tiwaz muttered as he opened his eyes. He found himself in a familiar looking setting: a wooden bed, wooden ceiling, wooden floor, and a small circular window that showed him the horizon of the sea. The thing that hit him the most was the strong smell of the sea wafting out and into the room. He wrinkled the bridge of his snout.

    “Erk…what’s…going on?” he groaned out as he pushed himself up.

    “Get back down!” a female voice shrieked as he was pushed back down with a surprisingly strong pink fin.

    “Gwagh!” Tiwaz yelped as he lied back down. “What the hell, Tethys!?”

    “Patients should stay in bed until their properly healed!” the MarineAngemon said, her fins on her hips.

    “Tiwaz? Are you finally up?” Taranis’ voice called out as he came into the room in his Beetlemon. “Heeey, you are!” the bug man said with a huge smile.

    “Taranis? What happened? Why the hell are we back on a boat?” Tiwaz groaned out as he pushed himself up. “What happened to the fight?” he asked before getting pushed back on the bed again.

    “I said, stay down!” Tethys ordered, glaring at him. “Or do I have to get the rope?”

    Taranis immediately took three steps away from the pink marine Digimon. If Tiwaz were able, he would have done the same. Instead, he simply stayed lying on his back. Even after only knowing the other Digimon for barely a couple of days, he had no doubt that Tethys would go through with her threat.

    “Anyway, what’s going on here?” Tiwaz asked, turning to Taranis.

    The insect Digimon sat down on a nearby chair. “We’re going off to our next destination,” he said with a small smile. “Fenrir and the others found the Spirit of Ice on their first try! Isn’t that cool?” he asked with a large, mischievous grin.

    “R-really?” Tiwaz asked, blinking. “But isn’t it too soon? What about the pirates?”

    “Oh, we got that handled,” Tethys said, folding her fins smugly. There was an air of happiness about her that Tiwaz found unfamiliar. He didn’t want to ask why.

    “Yeah, so, basically, we’ve done everything that we needed to,” Taranis said, raising a hand. “We found the Spirit of Ice,” he said, flicking one finger. “We helped with their pirate problem,” he added, flicking up a second finger. “And with the townspeople so happy about what we did – particularly what you did against Hagel – they practically resupplied everything that we lost in the shipwreck,” he finally said, raising a third and final finger.

    “Hey, that’s great!” Tiwaz said with a large grin. He was disappointed that he wasn’t able to say a proper goodbye to everyone, but he did realize that they needed to get back on the road, and fast. Staying there any longer might tempt the MetalSeadramon to come back and start shooting at the town in revenge. Without them there, at the very least, he would leave them alone. He hoped.

    “Yep, and there’s, uh, another thing,” Taranis said, rubbing the back of his head. “It’s…another surprise!” he said, with a hesitant smile.

    Tiwaz raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh? What is it?”

    “I’m officially travelling with all of you!” Tethys said happily, putting her fins together.

    Tiwaz stared at her.

    There are stories made from the imagination. There are stories born from experience.
    There are stories told because of a need to be filled. There are stories that simply need to be told.
    This is one of them.

    “Maybe there really is a method to his madness…or maybe he’s just plain insane."
    Chapter 3: Act III is out and posted!

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    Well, I'm finally getting around to replying to this, even though I read it some time ago. xD I brought up most of my issues during the beta, so there's not a whole lot to say. I'll see what I can do though.

    It was nice to see Tethys. She's going to be... interesting to team dynamics. xD

    I also see that the Tiwaz and Fenrir rivalry is still going strong. That's good. Character dynamics are always fun.

    “If you have sometime, then maybe a friendly spar is in order.”
    "sometime" -> "some time"

    Also, Skulken's accent sounds like it's some sort of screwed up hybrid of Welsh and South African. xD

    “Oh, hell no! Do you know how long everyone looked for you? How worry you caused everyone?
    "How worry" -> "How much worry"

    Hagel's an interesting villain. He's affable but a monster. xD

    Okay, I'm done reading. Sheesh, that was long, but I guess I can't really complain when I've done a four-poster once myself. xD Anyways, it was a good chapter. Nice mix of light-heartedness and drama. Looking forward to reading the side chapter next. I'm intrigued to see the fallout of the events of this chapter.
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