Hmm what can I really say about this seriously I got nothing. To me this was a pretty boring episode to the point that I found more interest in Iris pulling out an apple every other scene than the main plot.

Me: Iris do we have to have a talk about your apple addiction?
Iris: I'm not addicted. *Bites into apple* I can quit *bites again* any time I want! I just don't want to right now.

And I gotta say, the entire involvement of Team Rocket seemed pretty unnecessary considering they really had nothing to do with the problem of the episode and were just kinda disposed of pretty fast with having no baring on anything. I really gotta wonder what the point of them appearing in the episode was aside from killing a few minutes. When you need filler in a filler episode, that's when a writer needs to think about the work they're doing.

But all in all, this episode was just kinda boring to me only serving to bring up that Kibago has officially graduated to being able to battle while Zuruggu remains kinda useless needing training.