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Thread: Cottonee in Love! (691)

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    Well, this episode was pretty much a retread of season eight's "Date Expectations", minus the random shininess, but at least unlike the ducklett episode it was a GOOD retread. Maybe it's because the cottonee have cute voices, unlike the irritating duckletts, but I still enjoyed the episode.

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    Cottonee in Love

    I haven’t seen this episode in a while, so here’s the basic summary: Ash and Iris are training with Scraggy and Axew, Axew knocks it out, a lone Cottonee arrives, it’s trying to impress another Cottonee but it’s not worthy. So far, it’s not that bad. In fact, I like the Cilan and Iris interactions, even though I’m not Cilan’s biggest fan. The thing that annoys me is Ash being more dense than usual, which is annoying, because he NEVER used to be this dense!

    Umm…right, moving on. We have to deal with this more than enough times throughout the episode, with the lame lines of dialogue not helping (I love Sarah, I really do, in fact, she’s about equal to Veronica in BW, at least to me). It ruins an otherwise decent episode. It finally ends with Cottonee impressing the one he loved, and all the couples going off, with Ash STILL thinking he (male Cottonee) wanted to be “buddies” with her.

    Dense Ash stopped being funny YEARS ago…oh, wait, it never was.
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    This was an OK episode, The only parts I liked in this episode are...
    - Ash training with Cottone.
    - Cilan's 'It's heart to heart time'.
    - Ash and the others saying goodbye to the Cottonee couple.

    Other than that, most of the episode was a bit boring. I didn't like how Ash was more dense than usal. Even after the two Cottonee became a couple, Ash was still thinking the male Cottonee wanted to be 'buddies' with female Cottonee. Come on writers, don't make Ash THAT dense, it's not funny.
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    Ash once again proves that he's the Charlie Brown of the Pokemon world. Both are totally clueless about love.

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