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tomjames1996; for your final Pokemon, take the Sudowoodo that is blocking the path on Route 36. It must keep Mimic forever. Name it Bonsai. (:
Thank you, now I can start my scramble!

@Totadile( Wet Jaw ) Cannot evolve until he learns bite.After evoloution he cannot use water moves until he learns Hydro Pump and evolves again. Once he has evolved into feraligator he must solo one of the E4 or a Kanto Gym Leader.
@ Caterpie ( Catrina ) Must solo the first bell tower sage to evolve into Butterfree, and must also solo the Great Sage.
@Teddiursa (can be found on Route 45). It must defeat seven wild Graveler before evolving, and it must know Return.
@Magnemite(Caught at Route 6, 7, 38 & 39)This Magnemite is named Hikaru, and has always been extremely competitive. As a result of this, it refuses to evolve until it has solely defeated the two Magnemite that reside in Jasmine's Gym. It is also a little flamboyant in nature, so it must always keep Thunder Wave to stun those it attracts!
@Natu (Sync) which you can get in the grass patch of the Ruins of Alph. To evolve into Xatu, you must have placed first three times in the Bug Catching Contest.
@Sudowoodo(Bonsai) (blocking the path on Route 36.) It must keep Mimic forever.