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Thread: 3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

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    brandyjay, take a Caterpie. It can evolve without restrictions but must be caught as a Caterpie and must be fully evolved before you challenge the first Gym. As a Butterfree, it must learn and keep Sleep Powder and Psychic, and it must solo at least one trainer in every cave you go through throughout the game. If you take nicknames, name it Kindness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandyjay View Post

    Hi, I would like a scramble for Fire Red, no trading.

    I like a steady curve so the amount of pokemon on the team must not exceed the amount of badges I am going for plus one. So max two by first gym, max three by second gym, etc.

    Challenges welcome, be reasonable however as it will be a casual run on my phone.
    Given so far:

    Kindness the Caterpie - Must be fully evolved by first gym. Must solo one trainer in every cave. Must learn and keep Sleep Powder and Psychic.

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