Thanks, you guys.

So I have:

1) Hot-Head the Litwick
Litwick cant use fire moves
Free to evolve into lampet.
Lampet must solo Colress on the Frigate, and Kyurem in his cave.
After this can evolve into Chandleure.
Chandleure batttles N's Zekrom in the post game

2) If Tsubaki/female, Tsubaki is a sweet flower and wants to protect and fight hard for her master, but has a strict code of honor. She must defeat all team Plasma Grunts before Burgh to evolve into Servine. She is desperate to seek affection and acknowledgement of her worth, and also must solo the DriftveilTournament to evolve into a Serperior; If Marluxia/male, Marluxia is a vain and commanding pokemon, and while he may listen, will do whatever it takes to win. He must solo Roxie to evolve into a Servine. However, he does not disrespect his trainer, and wants to help him on his journey. He must solo all rival battle after Burgh.





Looking for a Black 2 challenge!


1) Nicknames are fun!
2) Challenging and FUN, not challenging and annoyingly hard. I want a challenge to push me and make me work, but not something I'll get frustrated with and ragequit.
3) Creativity is a plus!