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Thread: 5th Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

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    Hey guys, I finished the earlier challenge. I'm choosing Emboar now for a B2 challenge. The rules are, no redoing types, no crazy restrictions, all mons must be availible before 5th gym. So, again, Emboar is my starter, and you guys choose the rest. 1... 2... 3... Go!!!
    I propose you those Pokémon that are available before the 5th gym.

    It has to be a female nicknamed Vanilla. May evolve when her Cute Charm ability is activated in a Gym Battle with Clay, Drayden or Marlon.

    It has to be a male nicknamed Coffea. It has to be the Skill Link Minccino that is on the first Hidden Grotto that Bianca will show you on Route 5. May evolve when he learns Thunderbolt.

    Sorry if it isn't correct, first time I come here. ^^'
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