7th Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

Games in this gen: SM

What is a Monotype Challenge?

A Monotype challenge is one in which you can only use Pokemon of a specific type to beat the game from start to finish (i.e. beating the champion and seeing the credits). For instance if you say try a Grass Monotype Challenge, you can only use Grass Type Pokemon found in the game.


  • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
  • Pokemon are allowed to have two typings. For instance, Butterfree would be acceptable on both a flying team and a bug team.
  • Legendaries and traded Pokemon (not counting in-game trades or trades for evolution purposes only) are not allowed.
  • Note some types (like Dragon types typically) are not viable to use for such a challenge due to a lack of availability of them early in the game, or at all.
  • If you pick a starter that is not of your type, then it may not be used after you have obtained one Pokemon of your chosen type.
  • You may have Pokemon of another type in your team, but only as HM slaves - they may not be used in battles.
  • Post only on this thread to either state which type you are doing, your current progress or to ask for suggestions on which Pokemon to use.
  • If you wise to impose any other restrictions on yourself feel free to do so and mention them!