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No matter how many times I play RSE, I always forget to pick up Cut! Later, I always realise I need it! I forgot it on my Ruby Fighting mono-type recently.

Anyway, I'm here to tell you that after two Geovanni battles and two rival battles I have beaten Sabrina on my Bug mono-type.
Hey everyone, this was my last update for my Bug mono-type a while ago. Since then, I stopped playing because I went to university. However, I've restarted since then and I've just beaten Blaine who was easier than I thought he would be! I had already beaten Koga when I restarted, so I'll go from then.

After beating Koga, I decided to clear out all of the trainers in the water routes. I did that, including a brief visit to the Seafoam Islands to see Articuno! I finally arrived in Cinnabar and immediately healed up before going to the Pokemon Mansion. I always hate going into the Pokemon Mansion to get the Secret Key, so I spammed repels before finally getting the key and getting Sporax to Dig me out of there! I cleared out the gym trainers easily enough, but I was worried about Blaine who,of course spammed Fire Blast and could potentially destroy my team. So, I did some grinding to get my team up to Lv55 (Yeah, I know). I stocked up on Revives and Hyper Potions and prepared for Blaine. As it turned out, he wasn't as hard as I thought he would be. First, Harmony put Growlithe to sleep and then scored an OHKO with Psychic. Harmony then sent Ponyta to the same fate. I switched to Violet for Rapidash. One Psychic didn't defeat it and Rapidash woke up. However, Violet was able to survive Rapidash's Fire Blast and killed it with Psychic. Finally, it was time for Arcanine. I kept Violet out and used Sleep Powder... but it missed! Arcanine finished Violet off with Take Down and I switched to Harmony, hoping that Sleep Powder would work - it did! Two Psychics got Arcanine down to red health, Blaine healed, but the next Psychic was a critical hit! With no more Potions, Blaine was screwed! Another Psychic defeated Arcanine and secured me the victory!
My team:

Harmony - Butterfree Lv55
Rash Male
Silver Wind
Sleep Powder

Apex - Beedrill Lv55
Bashful Female
Aerial Ace

Sporax - Parasect Lv55
Docile Male
Giga Drain

Crux - Pinsir Lv55
Lax Female
Brick Break
Rock Slide

Violet - Venomoth Lv55
Jolly Female
Sleep Powder

OK, I'm continuing with my Ruby Fighting mono-type, so stay tuned for an update from that. I hoped you enjoyed reading this!