After finishing thing up at the Jubilife City Trainers' School, I headed to the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon. I then went north, but I was stopped by the president of the Poketch company. He told me to obtain the coupons to earn a Poketch, and I talked to the clowns around Jubilife City until I got all three coupons. I obtained the Poketch after that and then I headed west. I got the Old Rod from a fisherman there and I fished in the water between Canalave City and Jubilife City. I found a wild Magikarp and I captured it for my team. I healed again and then I trained north of Jubilife City since I had to battle my rival on Route 203 soon. I finished training after about 20 minutes, and I saved before going to Route 203.

My current team:
- Piplup level 11
- Magikarp level 7